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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Tennessee (Korea): Tennessee Premium 5-string

Submitted by qwikmat on 2/10/2012

Where Purchased: Gottfrid Johansson

Year Purchased: 2012
Price Paid: 4995 (SEK) historic exchange rates / currency converter


I think this banjo has a kind of woody sound even if it has a metal tone ring. Now when I start to learn to play the banjo I can hear that it does not have the crisp sound of a top quality banjo. But i guess that's why it is in the low price range :-).

Sound Rating: 5


It is quite playable.

Setup Rating: 7


It looks good! For the price (~$700) I think the finish is fantastic.
I'm not quite as confident that the wood is of good quality.

Appearance Rating: 8


It's sturdy, and the hardware (tailpiece, tunders, etc) is of good quality.

Reliability Rating: 8

Customer Service

Don't know. The store I bought it from has a good reputation.

Customer Service: 7


The instrument is very well made for the price, but I'm not sure about the wood quality.

Components Rating: 6

Overall Comments

I prefer my Deering Goodtime Parlor before this banjo, but it looks good and maybe i can improve the tone to be more crisp, but I'm not sure.

Overall Rating: 7

Deering: Goodtime parlour

Submitted by qwikmat on 1/29/2012

Where Purchased: Jam, Stockholm

Year Purchased: 2012
Price Paid: 3600 (SEK) historic exchange rates / currency converter


I'm learning to play basic bluegrass banjo tunes, and needed a banjo to bring with me during my frequent business trips, to keep up the practicing. This banjo is simple and without a tone ring. I must however state that it has nice and clear sound for being an openback without tone ring. I guess the wood is of good quality.

Sound Rating: 8


The set up in terms of action and intonation was OK, but I had to 'lubricate' the nut and bridge since it didn't stay in tune very well at first.

Another important thing about the Parlor is that it is very nice and easy to play due to the short scale. I like it more than my old banjo.

Setup Rating: 9


It's a very simple banjo. The benefits are not in the appearance, but in the playability.

Appearance Rating: 7


It has guitar style tuners, of decent quality. The tail piece is sturdy and the rest of the instrument I think will last for ever, due to the simple construction and high quality wood. My only concern would be that the neck has no truss rod.

Reliability Rating: 8

Customer Service

It has 6 years limited warranty. Deering promised to send me an owner's manual if I registered the instrument. I hope I get it soon. I got the feeling that Deering care about the customers even if they bought a cheaper instrument like the Goodtime Parlor.

Customer Service: 8


Would like to get rid of the guitar style tuners. I had to buy a mandola case to fit the banjo. Since it's supposed to be travel banjo, a simple soft case would have been nice as as a part of the bargain.

Components Rating: 8

Overall Comments

I like it very much.

Overall Rating: 8

Mutes: Mike's Banjo Mute

Submitted by qwikmat on 1/27/2012

Where Purchased: Mike's web site

Overall Comments

The short story is:
- Fast delivery (10 days from US to Sweden)
- It works!
- Buy it if you need a mute that works!

Overall Rating: 10

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