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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Bridges: Bart Veerman Mystery Wood Bridge

Submitted by MOUNTAIN GOAT on 11/23/2013

Where Purchased: Bart Veerman

Overall Comments

I just got to try four different bridges made by Bart Veerman.  One was his mystery bridge, and the other three were made out of different woods of his choice.  Bart wanted to see what his bridge would do on a good woody banjo and I wanted to see what difference they would make.  First off, I haven't seen this good of workmanship on any other bridge, including mine.  And I make nice stuff.

All the bridges sounded very good.  They all had excellent sustain.  They all worked well up the neck.  Each bridge gave my banjo a different character.  One was mellower, one kind of a warm sound.  The other two gave my banjo a more blue grass sound, one more than the other.

The change in character was a big surprise.

What does all that mean?   It means that it might just take trying several bridges before you find the one that makes the sound you want on your banjo.  Or you might one bridge for playing certain tunes and a different bridge for other tunes, or other styles of tunes.  I never would have guessed a bridge could do this.

These are made really nice, and you are missing out on what might give you that sound until you try one or more.  I think you really don't know until you try a few.


I also found that when his bridge is set right, the worst string would be about two cents off on intonation.  Not really enough to worry about.




Overall Rating: 10

Gold Tone: Cripple Creek CC-100R

Submitted by MOUNTAIN GOAT on 12/1/2011

Where Purchased: Store in Alaska

Year Purchased: 2011
Price Paid: 404.00 ($US)


Scruggs style beginner. This was sitting in a store for a year, so I had to set everything up. I also made a new nut to optimizes string spacing and height. Installed new strings. Installed upgraded tuners. I can't imagine any banjo sounding any better. I guess some do, but this sound is incredible.

Sound Rating: not rated


The weather is dry in Alaska and this banjo had set in a store for a year. It needed a complete set up since it had sat from new for a year. Not a problem though. Reset the neck for lower action. Tightened the head and resonator mounts, and tail piece. Everything was loose from relaxing. Wayne at Gold Tone told me everything I needed to do to set it up and that all worked out great.

Setup Rating: not rated


This banjo looks perfect. Not a flaw on it. Nice looking plain maple with a little figure in it. Fit and finish is perfect.

Appearance Rating: not rated


The hardware looks great. Original tuners didn't work good, so I got upgraded ones from Gold Tone.

Reliability Rating: not rated

Customer Service

These people are great.

Customer Service: not rated


The stock tuners weren't any good. The ring is not laminated, but one solid piece of maple.

Components Rating: not rated

Overall Comments

This a top quality banjo for twice the money. I am waiting to hear a banjo that sounds better. I know they must, but I am waiting to hear it. I am wondering what their top of the line sounds like, and possibly with the carbon fiber neck.

Overall Rating: 10

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