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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Mutes: Mike's Banjo Mute

Submitted by gregoryfl on 1/22/2012

Where Purchased: Mike's website

Overall Comments

I started playing banjo last year, and I think I have been making good progress. I don't know about everyone else but during the past year I have managed to truly and thoroughly annoyed my entire family. They have been very supportive and have never asked me to 'please stop' playing but I do know 'the look' and what it means.

After months and months of irritating my family I started researching a way to make my banjo quieter. The first thing I tried way putting a polishing cloth in the tailpiece. That helped but wasn't really enough. Next I starting picking without picks. This made the banjo much quieter but really messed up my lessons. I found it difficult to transition from playing without picks to playing with picks. So my research continued.

I liked the idea of a banjo mute. It made perfect sense to dampen the vibrations from bridge to the head. I found the Gold Tone mute and Mike's mute. I was actually in the process of ordering the Gold Tone mute when I saw a video for Mike's mute. I was amazed how well it worked. With most things I didn't fully believe the video. I searched for more and found several examples. They all showed the same amazing muting capabilities. I decided to order Mike's mute instead. I am really glad I did.

Using Mike's mute allows me to use picks and play in the family room with the TV going and the whole family present. I actually need to use picks, otherwise the volume is way too low. Even though the mute does change the tone of the banjo, it transforms the tone into a very mellow chime.

I won't go quite as far as saying the Mike's mute saved my marriage and kept me from being kicked out of the house and becoming a homeless, roving banjo player, but it was close. Thank's Mike for coming up with your mute design and being so great to work with. I think every banjo player should own one of your mutes for each of their banjos.

Overall Rating: 10

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