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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Chris Cioffi

Submitted by saltcreek on 6/20/2013

Overall Comments

Hello everyone , just wanted to give Chris a well deserved two thumbs up. I had a troublesome banjo that no matter what I did it didn't help, changed the tailpiece , head, bridges , it was just dead and after I saw Chris work his magic on my buddy Dicks prewar 2 I thought I'd see what he could do with this high end banjo that I knew had more to give but I couldn't get it out of it. Well he told me he wanted to spend a bit of time with it and just basically see what it is about. He really takes pride in his work and it shows, my banjo is a different animal, it absolutely blew me away, super great, don't hesitate to send him your Jo if you want it to give you it's maximum output, honestly I sent him a Ford and got back a Ferrari .

Overall Rating: 10

Chris Cioffi

Submitted by saltcreek on 2/3/2013

Overall Comments

Hi all, just real quick because I hate to type but I just witnessed something amazing, a friend and I just went down to the SPBGMA event in Nashville and one of the things we were hoping to do was sale his prewar 2 and although it was a decent banjo it didn't speak to him and he was going to sale it and pick up something else, I said lets stop by Robin Smiths suite and say hello and check out some of his banjos and there we met Chris and we decided to have him look it over and do some setup work, holy crap, it is a totally different banjo, a monster that we actually compared to a original flathead 18 that Robin had there and I could not believe it was the same banjo, just unbelievable, well he is keeping his banjo and although I take pride in my own setup work, Chris is on a different level he is a special guy that you can tell he loves what he does, I'm sending him one of my troublesome banjos this week, don't hesitate to give him a call, he knows magic . Tony Arcuri

Overall Rating: 10

John Boulding

Submitted by saltcreek on 12/25/2012

Overall Comments

I have been playing for a long time and give a few lessons also but finding myself at a stalemate and not wanting to rest on my laurels I decided to give John a try after watching his lick of the week videos, he is a tremendous player and teacher and understands the way music works and how to apply it to the banjo, he has helped me a ton and I highly recommend him as a teacher and more importantly as a person, I think he's great. Tony

Overall Rating: 10

Tuners: Ron Barnes Gum Drop buttons

Submitted by saltcreek on 9/21/2012

Where Purchased: Ron Barnes

Overall Comments

I just received my new tuner buttons from Ron and let me tell you WOW, I like nice ,good quality stuff and these buttons are the nicest I ever seen, I am extremely happy and Ron was great to work with, first class all the way, Thanks Ron, I'll be in touch for another order. Tony

Overall Rating: 10

Straps: Lakota Banjo strap

Submitted by saltcreek on 12/1/2011

Where Purchased: Lakota Leather

Overall Comments

I have just about every strap there is and just purchased this strap From Lakota, It is without a doubt the most comfortable strap I've ever owned, just a super product and for a good cause too, I love it and I am going to order a few more.

Overall Rating: 10

Prucha: Fall In Love

Submitted by saltcreek on 1/18/2007

Where Purchased: Greg Boyd

Year Purchased: 2005
Price Paid: 3700 historic exchange rates / currency converter


This banjo will suit any kind of music that I play whether it be Scruggs or Swing or Melodic. The sound is deep and full and notes true the whole way up the neck. Some folks say there is either the Gibson sound or the Stelling sond and that is about it, well I can guarentee that this banjo doesn't sound like either, It has a sound all it's own.

Sound Rating: 10


Set up was fine when I received it from Greg and he is awesome to deal with, although I wanted to lower the action just a bit so I changed bridges from a 11/16 to a 5/8 and that did the trick without comprimising the tone. The Prucha will respond to the slightest bit of change whether it be the tailpiece adjustmen or the head or the truss rod ,it responds very quickly so when you make a adjustment you do it in small increments.

Setup Rating: 10


I always said that the best finishes on banjos without a doubt is always Stelling and Omes, this Prucha is in every possiable way as good or better in some aspects to those fine builders. Just incrediable

Appearance Rating: 10


The whole reason I decided to try a Prucha was because most of the builders are all using Prucha parts on their banjos already so I thought I would give it a try.I now that it is as good as it gets because I have had them all. It will last forever if I take care of it , which I will. I have a couple of other banjos and like to play them also but if I want to really shine or impress the audiance I take my Fall in Love. Very dependable.

Reliability Rating: 10

Customer Service

Greg is just simply the best to deal with, although it cost me a couple of stromboli's from time to time. Prucha I think is the ony builder whose warranty is transferable and thats for life, now that says something about his banjos .

Customer Service: 10


I think the neck is what really stands out to me . I have a radius neck and didn't know whether or not I would like it, it's incrediable , no problem what so ever to switch back and forth to a flat board. I love ths neck, just very playable. No need to upgade here , I think this is the top.

Components Rating: 10

Overall Comments

I highly recommend Prucha banjos. The price is right in line, as a matter of fact if you spend lets say 3500 for a Prucha, see what else you could by for that and then compare all the features not to mention resale value, they hold their value. If this was stolen I would first call uncle Luigi to track them down like dogs, then I would certainly buy another.

Overall Rating: 10

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