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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Tone Rings: 38 special tone ring

Submitted by firemx220 on 5/11/2016

Where Purchased: From Mitch Meadors

Overall Comments

The 38 special tone ring I purchased was 20 hole, long skirt, and unplated. This is by far the best ring I ever owned! My banjo just came alive! Great bass on the 4th and the 3rd string just barks at you! Absolutely love the tone! Overall volume is definitely louder. It doesn't lose anything up the neck. I would recommend this ring to everyone!

Overall Rating: 10

Bridges: Kateyz Pegged head

Submitted by firemx220 on 3/27/2015

Where Purchased: Kat Eyz web site

Overall Comments

         I love playing with different setups to see if I can make my banjo sound even better. After trying several top name bridges I always went back to my favorite bridge. (Snuffy Smith new gen) Which was made by Mike. I emailed Mike and asked if there was much of a difference in tone between the Snuffy and the Kat Eyz peg head. In the email it also said how much I loved the Snuffy bridge. Mike suggested to make me a Kat Eyz peg head bridge out of the Snuffy wood source to the same specs of my favorite Snuffy bridge. That sounded great to me. This would be a way to tell if the peg head really made a difference.

        The first couple of minutes playing the sound was pretty close to the Snuffy. Then out of no where the banjo opened up!!!!! It became a lot more responsive! I didn't have to put as much effort into slides, pull offs,and hammer on. It also added a bit more growl and now I could really feel the sound through the resonator! I'm not sure if it was all the peg head or the shape of the Kat Eyz bridge that did it. Either way don't wait order one!!!!


Overall Rating: 10

Tone Rings: Arthur Hatfield tone ring

Submitted by firemx220 on 9/28/2014

Where Purchased: Hatfield banjos

Overall Comments

What a great tone ring! The best I've owned by far! Great lows and rings so sweet all the way up the neck!

Overall Rating: 10

Heads: AMB pre epa head

Submitted by firemx220 on 1/15/2014

Where Purchased: American Made Banjo

Overall Comments

After reading some good things about the AMB pre epa heads, I decided  to try it out. It turned out to be just what I was looking for.

My banjo has a Huber vintage ring, rim and head. The first thing I noticed right away was the volume increase. The overall sound was a lot clearer and brighter. The head gave my banjo the little extra that I felt it was missing.

The overall experience with American Made Banjo co was excellent! Great communication and shipping was fast.

Overall Rating: 10

Bridges: Arthur Hatfield Compensated bridge

Submitted by firemx220 on 10/18/2011

Where Purchased: Hatfield Banjo's

Overall Comments

I've always heard good things about Hatfield banjos and never found a bad post about them. Usually there is at least one who leaves a negative comment. Then I read about people really liking his bridge so, I had to give it a try. I was very happy with my Greg Deering bridge and didn't think it could get better. Well it did!!!! This is by far the best bridge I ever tried. Everything sounded soooo clean and crisp. I would recommend this bridge to anyone!

Overall Rating: 10

Bridges: Greg Deering Signature bridge 5/8

Submitted by firemx220 on 6/16/2011

Where Purchased: Deering

Overall Comments

I didn't thing a bridge could make such a difference. The bridge looks much like the one that came with my Eagle 2 except for Greg's initials on the new one.
My Eagle 2 is a lot louder and brighter now! All my hammer on, pull offs, and slides sound so much cleaner! It's hard to describe but it is easier to play hammer, slide,etc now. I would highly recommend one!

Overall Rating: 10

Picks: Blue Chip Thumb Pick

Submitted by firemx220 on 6/12/2011

Where Purchased: Blue chip picks

Overall Comments

Well worth the money! The most comfortable pick I ever owned. It stays put and doesn't hurt at all. The best part is how much better the sound is on my banjo! It sounds so much cleaner and louder. Love it!

Overall Rating: 10

Deering: Eagle ll

Submitted by firemx220 on 12/31/2010

Where Purchased: Zepp Music

Year Purchased: 2010
Price Paid: Don't Remember historic exchange rates / currency converter


sound is amazing! I play bluegrass and was blown away by the sound. it has a very clean and bright sound.

Sound Rating: 10


the banjo was setup perfect right out of the box. The guys at Zepp Music did a great job. also had rail road spikes installed.

Setup Rating: 10


This is a beautiful maple banjo and very well built. no flaws

Appearance Rating: 10


Very well built banjo! Looks like it will be around a long time! Wouldn't need a backup.

Reliability Rating: 10

Customer Service

Never dealt with Deering, but Janet is on the hangout answering any questions people have. She is very nice. Lifetime warranty to the original owner.

Customer Service: 10


Everything on this banjo is made extremely well! There is no need to upgrade anything.

Components Rating: 10

Overall Comments

Would recommend The Deering Eagle II to anybody. I love this banjo!

Overall Rating: 10

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