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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Gold Tone: Cripple Creek CC-50RP

Submitted by RaYhOLio on 1/25/2009

Where Purchased: Eureka Springs

Year Purchased: 2008
Price Paid: 400.00 ($US)


Sounds ok out of the box.. I've messed around with good times in the store, and thought that this CC50RP was inferior, However I've redone the Setup, and put on cryo strings, and this is a pretty good sounding banjo..

This banjo is Quiet. With a mute on it, it's dang near inaudible. For me, this is a giant plus. I spend a lot of time playing (more like learning) in the house with my wife not far away.. This banjo doesn't drive her crazy like my other banjo. I can even practice after she goes to bed.. lightly without the mute, and pretty much normal with the mute.. the loudest part is the picking noise.

Sound Rating: 7


When I bought this banjo, I was very happy with the set up.. being an uber-beginner and all. I quickly became disgusted with it, and had to redo it.. made a huge difference.

The action was good right outta the box.

Setup Rating: 3


I REALLY like the way this banjo looks.

I'm a simple man, and don't care for the gold plated, super glossy finish of most banjos.

This one is semi-gloss.. and it has a very natural wood tone, I actually like it better than my big-and-glossy banjo, it doesn't smudge, or get fingerprints..

DEFINATELY no frills apearance.. i could have gone for a more ornate fret-board.. otherwise, it's perfect for me.

Appearance Rating: 8


I've been using it for one year as my primary learner.. Tuners seem to stay in tune.. Nothing is peeling off, chiping etc.. It's light weight design makes it tougher for bumps, and small drops.. It's semi-gloss finish hides skuffs and nicks very well.

Reliability Rating: 9

Customer Service

I contacted Gold Tone about this banjo.. I felt that I had paid too much for it.. They were very nice, however they didn't really care... That's ok of course.. it was my fault for buying on a whem..

Customer Service: 7


I don't like the price knockoff tailpeice. However I'm still using it. It sounds ok, and it's the exact peice which you'll find on GTs higher end banjos.. my problem with it is that it bows under pressure pretty bad, and it's hard to get the angle your looking for long term as a result.

The tuners seem good for the price.. The rim and hooks are o.k. But really pretty cheap.. it there's a weak point in the design this is it.

Components Rating: 6

Overall Comments

I love this banjo. When I baught it for strait retail (WAY above market price) I felt pretty bad about it. and I had a hard time feeling good about this CC50RP.

But here we are a year later.. I've had a full sized tone ring banjo now for about 9 months, and I've consistantly played this one more often.

I LOVE that it is very lightweight.. I can pick it up, swing it around.. play without a strap.. Carry it with me.. The fact that it's a cheap banjo helps too.. This is my official camping banjo.. It's a go anywhere, do anything banjo.. The mild sound that comes from it is perfect for learning, and practicing around others..

I recommend a GOOD setup.

Overall Rating: 8

Johnson: JB-110

Submitted by RaYhOLio on 2/25/2008

Where Purchased: local shop

Year Purchased: 2007
Price Paid: 225 ($US)


kinda cheesy sounding, seems to reverb too long, and the tone isn't great.

Sound Rating: 3


setup was passible. however attempting to modify it was a nightmare..

Setup Rating: 6


it's no frills, but looks generally nice.

Appearance Rating: 6


this banjo will outlast your interest in it..

Reliability Rating: 7

Customer Service

who knows...

Customer Service: 5


neck has too much play, bridge, and strings need immediate replacement.. no upgrade options, you'll WANT to upgrade everything.

Components Rating: 3

Overall Comments

I grew out of this banjo very quickly.

Overall Rating: 4

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