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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Other: BanjoMate Tone Enhancer

Submitted by bakerratliff on 1/16/2011

Where Purchased: N/A

Overall Comments

I got the Banjomate Tone Enhancer as a trial and I was pretty unsure about it off the bat. I have never been big on gimmicky products and when I received it I honestly did not think a bent up piece of tin would do much to change the sound or tone.

I installed it as instructed and played around with different positions for about 30 or 45 minutes, took it off and played without it, and then put it on and tried it in other positions again. I did this for 2 or 3 days and even asked my wifes opinion.

Not only does it amplify your banjo but surprisingly, the tone and sound did change. Its a much clearer tone and brighter tone than without. As my wife put it, the banjo almost sounds muted now when I play without the Banjomate. I even put it on an old cheap junk banjo and it improved it greatly. I would recommend this especially for those who cant move into a high end banjo but are looking to enhance their lower grade instrument.

Overall Rating: 9

Bishline: Salty Dog

Submitted by bakerratliff on 6/18/2008

Where Purchased:

Year Purchased: 2008
Price Paid: 2500 ($US)


great bright sound. Loud clear ring. Great melodic sound up and down the neck. Good low ends as well as the high lonesome sound.

Sound Rating: 10

Setup set up everything for me. They asked the right questions and did all the work.

Setup Rating: 10


Beautiful light tone. The inlay is different and sets it out from other banjos. I added a wooden armrest that helps bring the light tones out of the banjo.

Appearance Rating: 10


Everything looks top notch. Looks like it would last a lifetime and even comes with a warranty saying so.

Reliability Rating: 10

Customer Service

The Bishline company was extremely helpful. Jim at called them on the phone while I was in the store and they offered to do anything for me from staining the banjo a different color to putting a salty dog neck on a heirloom. Very nice people to work with.

Customer Service: 10


The neck work (frets) is top notch. No buzzing and easy moving. Very fast neck. The detail work is great. Everything fits like a glove.

Components Rating: 10

Overall Comments

Love this banjo. The sound is only outmatched by the craftsmanship. I would by all means buy another one. Highly recommend not only buying one but going through to do so.

Overall Rating: 10

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