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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

6990 reviews in the archive.

Capos: Huber Capo

Submitted by speedocoolguy on 3/17/2008

Where Purchased: Huber Banjos

Overall Comments

I purchased it when I went to pick up my Lexington. I love this capo, it seems as if it works the best of any I've ever tried.

Overall Rating: 10

Other: Price Fiberglass Banjo case

Submitted by speedocoolguy on 12/26/2007

Where Purchased: Banjo. com (showroom)

Overall Comments

This looks like a very good case, the build of it is very sturdy and tough. It is a little heavy, but I can deal with that for maximum protection for my Banjo!

Overall Rating: 10

Cases (Hard, Flight): Calton Deluxe

Submitted by speedocoolguy on 11/2/2007

Where Purchased: Colorado Case Company (IBMA)

Overall Comments

EXCELLENT!! ........... Absolutely the best case ever, I bought mine at IBMA 2007 and i called Calton to get the metal name plate customized. This is the tightest fiting case i've ever seen, I already dropped mine and I can see it's gonna be tough!! ......... The components are Excellent and the Quality is very good!! I would reccomend one to anyone with a Higher priced instrument..... I BOUGHT A HUBER ...... THEREFORE I BOUGHT A CALTON!!

Overall Rating: 10

Huber: Lexington

Submitted by speedocoolguy on 10/22/2007

Where Purchased: Huber Banjos

Year Purchased: 2007
Price Paid: $4600 ($US)


I love my Huber it's the best new banjo i've ever heard. It sounds as close to a pre-war as you can get without buying one. IT'S FANTASTIC!!!!...............If these wonderful banjos sound this good now think how good they'll sound in 75 years!! ..... My way of thinking is the Huber's sound almost as good as a pre-war does now so the old Gibson's must not have sounded as good as a Huber straight off the line!! MY OPINION THESE ARE THE FINEST SOUNDING BANJOS EVER PRODUCED!!! Wouldn't trade it for nothin.

Sound Rating: 10


OF COURSE THE SETUP WAS PERFECT IT WAS DONE BY STEVE HUBER !! Im convinced that Steve Huber knows more about pre-war banjos and banjo setup than any human being on the earth!!! NOT ONLY IS STEVE HUBER A AWESOME BANJO MAN BUT HE'S ALSO A VERY GOOD INDIVIDUAL PERSON ....ONE OF THE NICEST MEN I'VE EVER SPOKE TOO!! And it means a lot when you call a large company like this and speak directly to the owner.

Setup Rating: 10


This banjo is very nice looking, the triple gold plating and beatiful maple wood with sunburst finish is absolutly amazing!! This banjo is by far the prettiest banjo i've ever seen!!! (not just beacause it's mine)

Appearance Rating: 10


I believe these banjos are the finest out there... i believe the hardware on these banjos will last just as long as the gibsons or longer.. And even if it doesn't Steve Huber will fix whatevers wrong

Reliability Rating: 10

Customer Service

I delt with Steve himself, the service he gave me was the best, he made me feel like we had known each other for a lifetime, we were on a first name bases with each other. I went to Huber in Nashville to get It and he met us there on a saturday to talk with us and show us around....the service is excellent and i believe huber will stand behind his product

Customer Service: 10


The componets on this banjo are only the finest... And i love my speed neck... it's the greatest thing ever put on a banjo... Huber's strings are also very high quality and all the other accessories he put's out

Components Rating: 10

Overall Comments

These are the finest banjos on the market i think the prices are good for what you get i reccomend this banjo to any player who is ready to move to a pro level banjo....these are the best banjos made! Overall these banjos except for a true pre-war Gibson are the BEST YOU CAN BUY!!!!!!!!! ......... The only thing i can't say i was completly satisfied with is the case.. i think these high quality instruments deserve a PRICE or CALTON fiberglass case ... which i bought one of not long after i purchased my Huber... I think Huber should look into getting a contract with CALTON or PRICE so he could market his banjos being sold with one of those high quality cases!

Overall Rating: 10

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