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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Submitted by Woolpersteve on 3/13/2009

Where Purchased: BHO test from manufacturer

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Customer Service

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Overall Comments

I volunteered to test this device and add a comment or review .It is amazingly small and lightweight . The purpose of the test was to try it on mid level banjos . I have a mid 70's masterclone which fits the bill.It is my test banjo basically -name on peg head is Univox.
The Tone Enhancer is easy enough to "install" .Thats good because I dont do any of the testing on this banjo myself and do basically no modifications on any of my banjos.
This product is a metallic , small ,dish shapped device.It attaches inside the resonator with a small velcro pad. Two are provided so you can move it around a bit.
I tried it near the heel and then more towards the middle .
The effect is immediate. This old banjo has a much brighter , sharper tone now. I think the tone is brighter when the Tone Enhancer is placed nearest the heel.
I moved it back to the middle to avoid any harshness .
I also put heavier strings on than I have ever used on this banjo.That evend out some of the frequecnies I was hearing.
This old Korean masterclone will never sound like a professional quality instrument but the Tone Enhancer has definitely brightened it up and made it much louder.
It is maybe the cheapest instantly effective change you can make to a banjo tone.
The Tone Enhancer is a neat little idea and worth picking up if you want to juice up a mid range resonator banjo.

Overall Rating: 10

Kristin Scott Benson: Second Season

Submitted by Woolpersteve on 10/8/2008

Where Purchased: IBMA , Nashville-10-4-08, from Kristin

Overall Comments

For all of you five string banjo hounds out there in the HO,
Its on Pinecastle and really hot off the presses. I bought it off this year's IBMA banjo player of the year at IBMA over the weekend.
I had the pleasure of meeting her and getting a lesson at Sonny's banjo camp a couple of year's ago. She was great then as a player and teacher and if possible, she is getting better as a player.I doubt its possible but this CD is so clean , crisp has great tone , great original tunes it has to be up for honors next year .
Driving home form IBMA I hit the repeat button on Bugle Call Rag maybe 6 times.If there is a better played version I haven't heard it.She stomps on that tune, flattens it out, and puts in her pocket .
She owns Bugle Call Rag from this point forward.
The entire recording is just perfect.
Congratulations to Kristin on player -of -the -year and on putting out such a special third album!

Overall Rating: 10

Digital Tuners: Tune Tech TT-1000 Tuner

Submitted by Woolpersteve on 7/12/2008

Where Purchased: First Quality Music , Louisville, Ky

Overall Comments

The TT-1000 Tuner may be the newest of the electronic tuners. However , I prefer it for several reasons.
It responds pretty quickly with not only the LCD tuning meter, which is lit, but also with a Flat /Sharp Tune Indicator light.
The indicator light is orange if the string is flat, red if sharp and turns green when you are on the note precisely.
The back lit LCD screen is fairly wide and easy to see . The tuner clips on to the peg head and folds neatly under the head , but is much smaller than the Intellitouch.
I think for 29$ its worth having .Definitely built to be sturdy .
It is made by Tune Tech.
I was not at FQMS looking for a tuner but left with this one.
Pretty happy I did.

Overall Rating: 10

First Quality Music Supply

Submitted by Woolpersteve on 7/12/2008

Overall Comments

First Quality Music in Louisville , Ky continues to be the best for quality and customer satisfaction.They just re-fretted my Ome Gold Juggernaut and did a beautiful job.
The great tradition Bill Sullivan started continues on without fail.
I always look forward to a visit , which normally lasts a good half day once enter the front door. I feel like I live there as they allow me to roam anywhere and invite me to pick anything ( they have a Prototype 2 banjo which you need to play if you drop by)
Everyone there is helpful .If you cant drop by and need anything ,phone orders are processed before your phone receiver is cold.
I am lucky to live 80 miles up the road.

Overall Rating: 10

Cases (Soft, Gig Bags): Reunion Blues Leather, Resonator Banjo Model

Submitted by Woolpersteve on 2/20/2008

Where Purchased: Janet Davis Music Co.

Overall Comments

I agree 100% with the previous review . I had seen the leather Reunion Blues bag and thought it would be handy to have , finally buying one from Janet last year.I was so surprised and impressed with the heft of this gig bag. Padding is so thick .
I wanted it to use going into small venues or houses , since I seem to bang doors .Plus my hard case takes up a fair amount of room.
I have only used my hard case once since owning this bag. I wouldnt stowe it on a plane but it a great quality product and very handy to have.
JDMC ...always tops.

Overall Rating: 10

Tuners: Sonny Osborne - Sonny's Ugly tuners

Submitted by Woolpersteve on 2/18/2008

Where Purchased: from The Chief

Overall Comments

I saw Sonny use his tuners , what he calls Sonny's Ugly Tuners, several years ago at banjo camp. Few years later I bought a set .Sonny is right about how they work-perfectly.
They never need retuning , always come back in tune, install in five minutes with no damage to the banjo.
There is a picture of a set on my Ome on my homepage, FYI.
The price is reasonable .I disagree with Sonny about the "ugly " part -different , weird maybe but not ugly.

Overall Rating: 10

Stands: Stage Mate Banjo & Guitar stand

Submitted by Woolpersteve on 1/29/2008

Where Purchased: Banjo Hut

Overall Comments

After reading review in BNL they were a bit had to find, but worth searching.Very light weight , low center of gravity for banjo after placed in stand..Very stable .

Overall Rating: 10

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