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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Flinthill  FHB-285 Banjo Reviews

Submitted by moyer (see all reviews from this person) on 11/1/2011

Where Purchased: Dave's music

Year Purchased: 2011
Price Paid: Don't Remember historic exchange rates / currency converter


i play scruggs style, i never have worked on my own banjo cause we have a guy who is a banjo whizz around here so he does all my work and don't
charge alot and does an amazing job. ive nothing but PROBLEMS with this Flinthill banjo since i got it this year. Ive
takin it to two different places and they told me the same thing that there's
a weak spot in the neck from the 5th fret to the head of the banjo. there was
buzzing on the 5th fret on the 1st,2nd and 3rd strings and not to mention
at the 17th fret, even a spot or two in between. I think it would sound good if
it didnt have a crap neck. it is loud thats about all i can say for sound.

Sound Rating: 7


the banjo was set up ok, the action was high but had it lowered to my liking.
i have had in the repair shop 6 times since i bought it in Feb. 2011 and ive only had it 8 months now. seems like it needs to be set back up every 2 months.

Setup Rating: 5


ill will admit i was a sucker for the looks of the fbh-285 banjo. it really is a
beautiful looking instrument but looks are very deceiving!!!!

Appearance Rating: 10


the tuners are nice ones but it dont seem to matter with this banjo. ive never had worse luck keeping a banjo in tune with this flinthill. i play the crap out it and there is wear on the fingerboard on the 2nd 3rd fret ALREADY. you are out of tune after 1 song, it is terrible really. i cant depend on this banjo for practice at home.

Reliability Rating: 4

Customer Service

ive bought instruments from Daves music b4 and never had problems. i have told him my situation and he has been helpful so far. he said something about getting me a new neck but i havnt got it yet been going on a month now and i told him i needed it asap so im not sure whats going on. i feel as if im bugging him when i call about it. i think he's a very nice guy but i sure would like to see something get done very quick like. im not sure if its him or the dealer he goes through but i just wish i could get a solid answer. still not sure if im gonna even get it. i will rate this as to what has been done so far, i just hope that something gets done. if it does i would rate it as a 10, but for now..........

Customer Service: 5


tailpiece had a cover on it which rattled so i took it off and that stoped it.i had to have the frets filed down, i acutally had my ring finger stick in the bottom edge of the 5th fret while slide up and it drew blood. i had to have it replaced with a new one and the old one was bent. the guy that repaired it couldnt believe how much work a BRAND NEW banjo needed.

Components Rating: 2

Overall Comments

when i bought the flinthill-285 i did it on impulse cause it sounded good and looked awesome. ive been playing going on 4 years now and have really takin off quite well. the banjo i play b4 that was a danville that never stayed in tune.that was the 1st i ever owned so when i play the flinthill it sounded like a gibson to me. it only had buzz on the 5th fret on the 4th string then but the longer i play it the worse it got. i thought with a little TLC i could get the buzz out and have a good banjo. i have heard rumors from several people that the flinthill is an off brand of recording king which was hard to believe but the RUMOR is that a company in china didnt do a good job on alot of banjo's that were supose to be recording kings banjo's so they slapped a different name on em. i dont know how true this but ive heard it said alot around bluegrass jams and festivals. the person i bought it off of is a very nice person so i dont wanna talk him or his store down cause ive got great deals on dobro's and guitars that were very well setup and good quality instruments. sometimes i think that he's just having problems through his dealers of getting my new neck for my flinthill so i would not NOT recommend anyone to purchase anything from his store, i want to make that crystal clear.although i would NOT RECOMMEND EVER buying
a flinthill-285 model unless you want a money pitt. i spent $500 on mine and have got $300 in it in repairs and new looking to buy a new banjo and i can't get more than $350 on a trade in for my flinthill-285. it is very aggerviating and annoying. im going to trade it for what i can get and just count my losses.

Overall Rating: 2

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