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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Bridges  Sosebee Select Bridge Banjo Part/Accessory Reviews

Submitted by Crusty (see all reviews from this person) on 3/28/2015

Where Purchased: Elderly

Overall Comments

I've got a couple of these bridges and I really like them.  They've given any banjo I've put them on a full, balanced and harmonics rich tone.  I think they sound better than any out of a whole pile of other name brand bridges which I've collected and you can't beat the moderate price of them.  I do play clawhammer on Tubaphones so the sound I'm after isn't a PW resonator sound.

Overall Rating: 10

Submitted by AldoMarino (see all reviews from this person) on 4/5/2014

Where Purchased:

Overall Comments

My camping banjo is a Rover RB-25 which has a great neck and is indestructible.  I've always felt the sound was only decent at best, somewhat lacking in complexity and tone.  OK, it's a cheap banjo, and what can you expect.

I tried half a dozen different bridges on this old beater, some better than others, in what I perceived as a quest to tone down and mellow out this rig.

When I tried the Sosebee Select, the exact opposite happened.  I couldn't believe my ears.  It spiced it up, twanged it up, metaled it up, gave it a complexity and a voice that I never imagined this banjo was capable of.  None of the half dozen other bridges I've tried on this banjo, even came close to the dramatic improvement.

Seems strange to recommend such a nice bridge on such a modest banjo, but now I've got a cheap beater rig with a serious authoritative bluegrass voice.  Couldn't be happier.  Different bridges and different banjos all respond and interact differently and what works on one rig might not work on another..but for sure this bridge is staying on this banjo.

Overall Rating: 10

Submitted by spurtalisterous (see all reviews from this person) on 2/17/2013

Where Purchased: Elderly Instruments

Overall Comments

I wanted to give my Gretsch open-back a chance to shine with a professional bridge. Bought the 5/8" recommended by the guys at Elderly. It sounds terrific. No one tells you, but whatever is stamped on the bridge should be read by you while playing (turn them in toward the neck)! It was a real improvement for the sound quality of the instrument, and a cheap way to make it really shine. I just bought one for my archtop resonator banjo too.

Overall Rating: 9

Submitted by deering-dan (see all reviews from this person) on 1/30/2009

Where Purchased: From Gary direct

Overall Comments

First of all I feel that a good quality bridge is one of the best investment (and most reasonable ways) to upgrade a banjo and there are a lot of good makers out there. I purchased my first Sosebee bridge several years ago and I have since installed his bridge on all my banjo's. What I like about them is they are consistent and the notes on my banjo's are very clean, clear right up the neck (or any where that I play them) and it amplifies the sound of my banjo's . I really like the design of his bridges and the thickness is very good (they have enough mass, but not to heavy, nor to thin) The maple grain always runs nice and straight and most of them have very few growth lines in the wood (which I feel is the key to good sound transfer like a spruce top on a guitar) I would highly recommend you to try one of his bridges if haven't yet (their awesome)

Overall Rating: 10

Submitted by asisensei (see all reviews from this person) on 2/12/2008

Where Purchased: Janet Davis

Overall Comments

This bridge looks like your typical 5/8" maple bridge. Nicely finished maple, ebony top, Crowe spacing. I bought it to replace the no name 5/8" bridge that was on my Saga SS-3 which is my carry around banjo. My banjo had a harsh ring to the fifth string and a overall sound I couldn't get right. I figured I would change out the bridge for something better for a start to see if I could get it to sound better before changing the Waverly tailpiece. I have a Snuffy Smith on my Goldstar and was satisfied with it but have read good things about Sosebee's bridges so I thought I would give one a try. A great bridge. Took the harsh ring out of the 5th string, brought out the tone in the other strings. The banjo sounds different, much better, more like the Goldstar now. I will not hesitate to buy a Sosebee bridge again

Overall Rating: 10

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