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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Bishline  Custom Salty Dog Banjo Reviews

Submitted by DENNISNDODIE (see all reviews from this person) on 4/6/2009

Where Purchased: Bishline Tulsa Ok

Year Purchased: 2009
Price Paid: 2400 ($US)


After a year of owning the banjo and doing some tinkering with different parts It sounds very good. Good bark, not as loud as it was when new which is good.Of all the banjos Ive played it sounds only second to a 1940 Gibson I played at a local Guitar center. So Im happy with the sound

Sound Rating: 9


Set up was fine good action.The bridge feet were sanded at an angle so the bridge is not at a 90 deg angle from the head it leans toward the tail piece. Replaced bridge. Relaced the stock remo head with a deering head which improved bass response and brightness.

Setup Rating: 8


Very nice looking banjo best looking banjo Ive ever owned.

Appearance Rating: 10


Hardware gotoh tuners ,sosebee bridge, bishline tonering, generic tailpiece,generic case,armrest looks generic. It is a very good looking maple banjo frets are IMO tapered to much on the ends but Ive also seen reveiws that people like that. Im not a pro dont play for a living but If I were this banjo would do the job.

Reliability Rating: 8

Customer Service

Lifetime warranty to original owner. Havent called them

Customer Service: 5


The stock Tail Piece was pretty cheap it rattled when you hit the Low d replaced it with a kershner which improve bass response and sustain.Replaced Remo Head with a Deering head which also improved bass response and treble.Armrest looks cheap its kinda square on the edge not rounded. Will replace with a wooden one later on.Case is very cheap no brand name.

Components Rating: 8

Overall Comments

I would not reccomend buying a banjo unless you play it first . My Salty dog had a few issues like the cheap tail piece The armrest looks and feels pretty cheap but the chrome has not worn off. The nut was about 1/16th off which made the low d string to easy to push off the fingerboard I recently moved the nut which fixed this issue.The case is cheap the peghead cushion fell out the day I open it up out of the shipping box and 2 handles rivets popped out one day when I picked it up. So It had a few things I didnt like. It is the best sounding and best looking banjo Ive ever owned but had a few issues. If you order a banjo I recommend ordering specific parts and if at all possible play it first.

Overall Rating: 8

Submitted by banjoec (see all reviews from this person) on 6/6/2006

Where Purchased: Rob Bishline

Year Purchased: 2006
Price Paid: 2645 ($US)


Mahogany with the Tony Pass Thin Skirt Rim & Kulesh Big 10 tonering, this banjo has a very warm sound. Rings clear up the neck, but has some growl down low. Banjo stays in tune and sounds great Melodic or Scruggs style.

Sound Rating: 10


Set up just the way I asked. Fast & low action.

Setup Rating: 10


I e-mailed Rob my signature and he inscribed it into a pearl truss rod cover.
I made a few other choices. Instead of the Salty Dog inlay in the 21st fret, Rob put a Bishline banner.

Appearance Rating: 10


Tuners are Gotoh, and the tailpiece is Kershner. Shouldn't be any problems.

Reliability Rating: 10

Customer Service

Lifetime warranty. Rob has called to just ask how I liked the banjo.

Customer Service: 10


Kulesh Big 10 ring, TP lost timber thin skirt rim, Gotoh tuners, Kershner tailpiece. The most standout feature is the fret job. This banjo frets true all the way up the neck. No buzzing. Sides of frets are smooth. Nicest fret job I've seen.

Components Rating: 10

Overall Comments

Compaired to other banjos available today, I think it was a very fair price for a banjo with top of the line components. If you want a truely Custom banjo, talk to Rob Bishline.

Overall Rating: 10

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