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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Bridges  Bart Veerman Dark Star Banjo Part/Accessory Reviews

Submitted by VictorVran (see all reviews from this person) on 3/10/2020

Where Purchased: From Bart

Overall Comments

I had the extreme pleasure of hanging out a bit with Bart and trying out a few of his bridges.

Every single one I tried was excellent, each with their own unique voices and characteristics. I settled on the Dark Star because it added so much point to the front of the note, and to my ear it does a great job of highlighting the fundamental and sorting out some of the more troublesome overtones. 

I play a 12" open back with a Dobson tone ring.

Overall Rating: 10

Submitted by lucas73b (see all reviews from this person) on 11/21/2019

Where Purchased: From Bart,

Overall Comments

I purchased the Dark Star bridge for my open back banjo with the intention to use it for playing both in clawhammer and up-picking style.

When the bridge arrived I was pleasantly surprised by its looks: it is almost black with a light topping, the careful finishing shows fine craftsmanship.

On my banjo, the Dark Star sounds bright, yet with a full, rich tone. But what struck me in particular is that, up and down the neck and from string to string, the bridge produces such a very well balanced tone. Together with the string spacing, which Bart customized for me, this makes the bridge feel highly comfortable in playing. It became my favorite at once!

Bart is a pleasant person to communicate with, and will help you out quickly if you have questions or anything should occur with your order. I own several bridges made by Bart and highly recommend his products.


Overall Rating: 10

Submitted by reelyjb (see all reviews from this person) on 1/16/2019

Where Purchased: Directly from Bart Veerman at

Overall Comments

I play Irish tenor banjo and my main instrument is a plain but good playing Weymann 140.  I bought two bridges from Bart, one ebony over teak and the Dark Star.  The teak bridge sounds great, but the Dark Star is in a class of its own.  The sound I get now is clear and bright with a lot of punch. Kudos to Bart for a great design. 

Overall Rating: 10

Submitted by lockhands (see all reviews from this person) on 8/21/2018

Where Purchased: Ordered online

Overall Comments

This is my second bridge from Bart. And just like the first one,  I couldn't be happier. I'm still fairly new to the banjo, so I'm not the best at describing the changes, but this new bridge just seems to make it pop. Both the higher and lower notes seem cleaner. Bart is great to deal with. Let him know what you have, and he will give you some great advise on what to pair it with. Choose height, spacing, wood type, compensation, etc. He will build it and have it shipped in no time. Pretty cheap way to make a big difference with a banjo . Thanks for you help yet again Bart

Overall Rating: 10

Submitted by silverface (see all reviews from this person) on 12/8/2016

Where Purchased: Direct

Overall Comments

I purchased a couple of bridges from Bart after email exchanges that delved fairly deep into my tonal targets - and especially variable dynamics (i.e altering picking hand position and attack to adjust volume, drive, tone, sustain, decay, overtones...pretty much every variable).

I recently acquired  '26 TB1 pot with a Ryan Tone ring, Gill  resonator, Gibson  (wreath) neck, vintage Gibson OPF, Presto-type & Prucha hoop/hardware.  I'm also primarily a guitar player and do a little straight bluegrass, but more melodic alternative "from the hip" improvisations and a lot of guitarish styling. 

Bart recommended 2 bridges and nailed it.  For "my stuff", with guitarish licks, radical tone variations & infinitely variable dynamics - the Dark Star is unbelievable.  It's is downright scary - its seems to get sounds out of the banjo that *should*, but usually *don't*, exist.  I can  "pull" out tones that are strong - or delicate - at will, without effort. Things just happen that are amazingly right, and at quiet to ear-blistering levels.

I've used a lot of bridges over the years and the Dark Star is a huge step forward.  I'm an anal tone & I don't casually heap praise on anything - only when it *really* works.  This is a product that would work for any style and on any banjo (I tried it for fun on my "beach banjo", a Gretsch import - and it made a HUGE difference).  For players that need a wide range of "settings" and a have decently controlled touch, IMO this is the perfect bridge.





Overall Rating: 10

Submitted by BiggT (see all reviews from this person) on 9/15/2016

Where Purchased: JDMC

Overall Comments

I have not been one to really play around with the set up or components of my banjos.  I recently had a banjo made and the bridge was just a bit higher than I am accustomed to.  Rather than sand the feet down on the existing bridge, I began looking to buy a shorter bridge.  I had no idea there were SO many options out there.  Choosing one can be a bit overwhelming.  I saw Bart Veerman's bridges on JDMC website, then checked the reviews here on the BHO.  Because of its unique look, the Dark Star jumped out at me and I took a chance on it.  When I first opened the package, I was immediately impressed by the beauty of the wood and the fine craftsmanship and detail work on such a small object.  Once installed and tuned, my banjo had a significant increase in volume, note separation, and brightness. Sheer power would be the best description. I had considered my new banjo to be a very responsive instrument, but the Dark Star put this banjo (12" Tubaphone) in an entirely different league. I am extremely pleased with the look and sound the Dark Star has brought to my banjo.  I did not expect a $30 item to make such a big difference in a finely-crafted, custom-made instrument.  Oh and mission accomplished on finding a comfortable height...the 5/8's bridge height is perfect as it lowered the string height just enough without compromising tone and volume.  I am going to have to try another one of Bart's bridges on one of my other banjos now.

Overall Rating: 10

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