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David Cunninghan D.C. Banjo Works Luthier Reviews

Submitted by Bruce Starkweather (see all reviews from this person) on 8/29/2016

Overall Comments

I wanted to do review on some the best banjo bridges I've ever used, thanks to David Cunningham who is a wizard at making banjo bridges. I saw a little clip on You Tube with a fine banjo picker named  Bob Worley and two of my picking buddies and Bob was plugging how great the D.C. banjo bridge improved the sound of his banjo. From there I started researching and found David's web site dcbanjoworks store, then I saw where he lived, and lucky for me he lives just across the river, so I called David and he invited me to his home to try out first hand how his bridges sounded like and explain the different woods he used. The first one I tried was the Zebra wood 11/16, and it brought the life back in my Stelling Masterflower the increased volume and balanced tone was great so I bought that bridge and then tried a Missouri maple 11/16 and it to is a keeper it has a little more of a rich mellow tone throughout down the neck and up the neck, I played in a jam the next day and it sounded super, it really kicked in when I picked a little harder it had  plenty of volume and real nice even tone,no tintie or buzzing sounds. I also bought two bridges for my Gold Star GF-100 banjo it has a Huber HR-30 tone ring and an engineered rim sounds very good, after I put on one of the 5/8 Zebra bridges on first, the volume increased and it had better tone and it was an even balance had good bass on the forth string and plenty of punch down the neck. I put on a walnut 5/8 bridge man the sound is amazing it has a rich solid tone, it reminds of the sound and tone of some older Baldwin Ode banjo's I've played over the years, I can say now this Gold Star sounds very close to Gibson Granada, I'm not bragging it's a fact. Overall I'm very happy I found out about David Cunningham's banjo bridges, I know from forty years of picking a banjo I've tried just about every banjo bridge out there from Stelling,Snuffy Smith, Hot Spot, and many old Grover and Stewart McDonald bridges.These D.C. bridges are the very best I've ever used so for. I have to hand it to David he's on the right track with what he's building the different woods he uses like the Katalox/Zebra and the different types of Afromsia, Missouri Maple and Walnut he uses make for some of the finest banjo bridges ever made. David took me on a little tour in his shop and showed me first hand how he made his bridges by cutting one out on the spot, and then showed me some of the other banjos he's worked on. I played one that has a Dodson neck and it sounded as good as an old Gibson Master tone. I wish I didn't have three banjo's already, I was very tempted to buy the banjo. David is a first rate fellow who has a great skill at what he does and a really nice guy who invited me in his home.He made me a happy banjo picker and gave me about 8 pounds of tomatoes to take home with me that night. I highly recommend any one who picks a banjo and wants to greatly improve the sound and have more volume and better tone you will not regret buying a bridge from David.


Overall Rating: 10

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