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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Bucks County Folk Music Shop Music Store Reviews

Submitted by GruberHuber (see all reviews from this person) on 9/2/2016

Overall Comments

As a shop they are certainly well equipped and authentic, with reasonable prices and quality banjos. When it comes to repairs steer clear! I went in with my precious Huber in pristine condition and sounding marvelous. I was preemptively having some frets replaced and decided while it was going to be in the shop I would move up to a taller bridge. Seemed like routine work for a store with 50 years of experience specializing in banjos, I thought my banjo was in good hands, but to my dismay my banjo will never be the same. The craftsmanship was careless to say the least: frets were poorly set, my fretboard was chipped, frets were filed atrociously and the neck binding was chipped and horribly marred resulting in an uneven, unsightly line which once was straight and precise. The bridge setup seemed okay except I realized when I got home that the bridge was setup nearly 1/2 an inch out of place. For the first time in my banjo's existence many of the frets are buzzing and up the neck several frets are completely muted, which is hard to explain considering I now have a taller bridge and higher action! Overall the tone is dramatically disappointing. To make matters worse instead of an apology/refund I was met with uncooperative arrogance and a total lack of ownership for the shoddy work and for devaluing my most prized possession. The pure bliss that was once associated with opening my case, has now been replaced by sadness, and frustration as it pains me to look and hear what has become of my banjo. I'm now $250 dollars in the hole, looking to find a way to repair the "repairs" and an instrument that is scarred for life. 

Overall Rating: 5

Submitted by CrackerJo (see all reviews from this person) on 6/16/2015

Overall Comments

Customer Service is by far, the best I've ever received from any Music Shop. I purchased a Brand New Recording King RB-024 from them. Many online Banjo stores listed them as in stock, but, no one had one. The RB-024 has not been produced since 2012. I contacted Bucks County Music and they didn't have one in stock either. They in turn contacted Recording King to inquire if they had any left. I got Lucky,because they had only one left. Bucks County ordered in for me from Recording King.

The set up of the banjo was spot on. Packing and shipping was great! My Banjo arrived safely.

Thank you Bucks County Folk Music Shop.

Overall Rating: 10

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