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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Bridges  Sullivan Roasted Factory Floor Bridge Banjo Part/Accessory Reviews

Submitted by BJD (see all reviews from this person) on 2/9/2015

Where Purchased: First Quality Music

Overall Comments

I wanted to try a .656 bridge on my Goldstar GF-85 (with Blaylock ring) and 11/16 bridge on my parts banjo (RK rim with Kulesh ring).  I decided to purchase the Sullivan Roasted.  At $10 you cannot beat this bridge.  The two bridges removed from the Goldstar and the parts banjo are high quality bridges made by top makers, quite a bit more expensive, and enhanced the sound quality of the two banjos.  The Sullivan Roasted bridges sound just as good, and even a little better on the Goldstar.  I can't be happier with the purchase.  These are really great bridges at less than 1/2 the cost of the others.    

Overall Rating: 10

Submitted by Hankon5 (see all reviews from this person) on 7/28/2014

Where Purchased: FQM

Overall Comments

Awhile back I asked Eric at Sullivan for a sample of a FF Roasted bridge when it was completed.  I received it a couple of days ago. I waited for it to settle in before I reported my findings.  First of all, I used the Sullivan's Roasted Maple bridge as my base for comparisons.  I like that bridge very much.  Then I removed and replaced both bridges a few times during my picking.  This is to get tonal memories implanted in my dulling brain!  As many of you recall, there were quite a bit of high praises for the Roasted Maple.  Inputs included higher volume and  real clarity up the neck.   Also, a good 4th string.  Well, after playing the heck out of my banjo the last few days and carefully listening to the differences........The new Sullivan Factory Floor bridge is ALL of that plus!  After  almost two days the difference became very apparent.  On my banjo I heard wonderful harmonics (complex)  that really was a joy to hear on the first 3 strings.  The FF bridge had a bit more sustain and less dryer than the Maple Roasted bridge.  The increased chiming is a great sound.  The depth of the good harmonics was not harsh...but audible enough to be a major difference between the two bridges.  It is amazing to me that types of wood and if they were subjected to vibrations in  flooring or a piano can create so many different tonalities. I must have two dozen or more bridges ......each and everyone  seem to act differently on my banjo.  I guess that's why I have so many!  I am always looking for positive changes in the tonality spectrum.  Some are unimpressive ..while others are keepers.   The Sullivan FF Roasted bridge is a keeper.  Not all bridges are THE ONE,  because not all deliver the ENTIRE spectrum of satisfaction!   I have a few wonderful bridges that give me many of the attributes that I look for.  I can use anyone of them and be a happy camper. The new Sullivan Roasted Factory Floor bridge gives my banjo a sound that is fun to hear and enjoy, let alone wanting to play more!

I believe Eric at Sullivan has another solid product to add to the Sullivan name!  I would recommend this bridge to anyone who likes the Roasted sound as mentioned on BHO threads. 

The reason for not having a 10 is that I believe there to many 10's given when the product seems that it beats one's  expectations. I have learned that as products evolve or a new spin is put onto an old product, to many of us, including yours truly are anxious to put down a 10!    A 10 to me is a product that is truly an impact item with the best performance in it's class.  There are many good bridges and giving a "9" to Sullivan's new Roasted Factory Bridge means that it is one of the best bridges for tonality and the criteria usually sought after in a bridge.  Well done Eric...great product!

Overall Rating: 9

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