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The banjo reviews database is here to help educate people before they purchase an instrument. Of course, this is not meant to be a substitute for playing the instrument yourself!

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Submitted by jcimino (see all reviews from this person) on 2/16/2016

Overall Comments

I try very hard to be fair in my reviews, so I will do my best here.  I did have problems with getting my Deering Eagle 2 Banjo, but it may be that the biggest problem is the communication from the store.  The banjo arrived today and I ordered it twelve days ago.  It came in perfect condition except there is a small tear in the case.  I am not hard to get along with and I do not feel that I am impatient, but of coarse I was anxious to get my new banjo and a little worried with the negative reviews that I have read for this vendor.  I ordered it on a Thursday and almost immediately started receiving emails from them stating that the payment did not go through and then they sent me an invoice to pay through paypal.  By the time I got to check it, they had canceled the invoice because the payment had cleared. I knew it would not ship on Thursday and was not really expecting it to ship on Friday.  But on Friday I received an email from them stating that the banjo had shipped and it was scheduled to arrive on Thursday with a signature required. I checked the status of the shipment on the weekend and it still stated that only the label had been created.  Checked it Monday and Tuesday and got the same results. So late on Tuesday I sent them an email to inquire the status and to find out if it had really shipped.  I was told that it had been processed and was just waiting for FedEx to pick it up.  I was a little confused as I know I can call FedEx and they will pick up a shipment the next day.  I asked him about that and was told that he only has FedEx pickup on Tuesday and Thursday.  I thought that was a little strange and it was the end of the day on Tuesday and still not in the system.  I asked him if he actually stocked this banjo and he said he did and had three in stock.  I asked if I could cancel my order and was told I could not because it had been processed.  I pointed out that indeed they told me it had shipped, but now he tells me that it is still there and I can't cancel the order. I said that you are telling me then that it will definitely ship on Thursday. I got an email back stating that he did not say it would ship Thursday and would be leaving today (Tuesday).  I sent an email back telling him that when I first inquired about the shipment, all he had to say was that he only ships FedEx on Tuesday and Thursday and that it would indeed ship today. I pointed out that we could have avoided a lot of confusion especially if I would have any idea that it could not be picked up until five days after the purchase.  To make matters a little worse...not his fault, because of the later shipping date, the arrival was pushed to Saturday.  I made it a point to hang around for FedEx and was home all day, around 4:15 I checked the status online and it said there was an exception, that no one was home to sign for it and they would try again on Tuesday (today).  Apparently FedEx came up to the walk-in basement door and may have knocked, but apparently not loud enough for any of my three dogs to hear them and of coarse they did not ring the doorbell that is right there also, they just left the call tag. So it took the additional four days to get it and I wasted a Saturday.  As I said this is not the music store's fault.  I mentioned earlier that I think that the only down side is their communication.  On their website, they state most orders ship in 24hrs and I did receive shipping details within 24 hrs., but no where do they state that FedEx only picks up on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If they had this on their website or even sent me an email to let me know that it wasn't shipping on Friday like they said, but would ship on Tuesday, then I think everything would have been fine.

Overall Rating: 6

Submitted by dwatson4 (see all reviews from this person) on 11/9/2013

Overall Comments

I decided to buy a Deering Goodtime lefty. I started shopping and settled on buying it from, they offered a $5.00 discount and free shipping. It came with a tuner for a total price of $394.00

I placed my order at midnight and Ben from Instrumentalley personally replied to my order within 30 minutes. He kept me informed every step of the way and I had my banjo within the week. 

The Goodtime replaces my Savannah SB-100-L. The strings on the Goodtime are a bit further apart and helped with fretting. The action at the nut is low and as soft as butter, but high enough at the head to make playing clawhammer  a breeze. I can already hear the difference in my playing. The Goodtime is very forgiving.

If your thinking about a Deering Goodtime, do it. No regrets here. If your considering Instrument alley, they deliver. 

Overall Rating: 10

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