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Great Practising Links That I Found on Banjo Hangout! (A lesson today!)

Sunday, September 24, 2017 @6:01:30 PM

This was one of the first pages that I went to on the Banjo Hangout. These were inspiring to me.

Along with a great banjo teacher I was inspired by these links. I read about all these books to read about practising as well, and I got most of them, and they have really helped. I can't seem to find where the books came from? Maybe a thread on practising? I know I private messaged one banjo player and he gave me some more good suggestions.

I have a lesson today! Woo hoos!

I have been working on "Blackberry Blossum" and you know I haven't got as far with as I wanted to this week. I have done some playing on the banjo each day, but I didn't quite gell with it this week. I just need to have gone and sat with that hammer on Em, and just done it and done it and hammered. I was a bit crestfallen after my lesson last week, until I started counting out loud whilst I did "Blackberry Blossum" and it made a huge difference. I have also stayed in three different locations in the last two weeks. And it is good to be home again, where I don't have to worry about impinging on anyone else's personal space. 


Sometimes I get a collection of notes, and I really just want to play them over and over again. It is like they speak to me. I was concerned at one place that it would get too much for people. Though everyone did respond well to my practising, so it is interesting how much a live instrument speaks to people.


I had no idea that when you turn up lugging a banjo around people get exciting and are like hoping that you are going to play and/or jam with them. Fascinating stuff. So I really had better get back to practising, as it would be so awesome to be a back up banjo playing the chords in the background. I can see why my teacher asked me to learn all the chords and play them this week for all my pieces, which I didn't do, but I did give it a few goes.


I so love Rhiannon Giddens! Absolutely magnificent songwriting! LIke Rumi the Persian poet.

and Abigail Washburn And the depth of imagery, understated but like Rhiannon, it is all there. So powerful. She is a musical Seamus Heaney. 


I have been sharing these two singer/songwriters with everyone, and they are getting lots of new fans via me! LOL!

Sadly I adjusted my pointer finger pick without finger, and it was perfect, and it is upsetting my playing. So I will have to get it back where it was. I read that new strings can make a big difference to the sound of your banjo. So I will speak to my banjo teacher about getting some new strings. 

History of I have been working on railroad.


My lesson was awesome. I am learning so much.

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Worried Man Blues Another great mind blowing lesson!

Sunday, September 10, 2017 @10:54:49 PM Add Comment

I have a lesson today! I am so excited!

Sunday, September 10, 2017 @4:57:41 PM 3 comments

Such exciting news! I feel like a real banjo player!

Thursday, September 7, 2017 @6:24:05 PM 5 comments
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