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Evie Ladin & Practising on Wednesday

Tuesday, October 17, 2017 @11:45:17 AM

Well I spent a lot of the day out of the house yesterday. I almost got to practising when I got home. I got my picks set up and then I got waylaid. I just need to get 15 minutes on the banjo happening as a routine when I walk in the door. I just need to get some more habits and routines happening.

I practised each one of my rolls for 1 minute this morning. My goal today is to do a fair bit of practising on my rolls. 

I didn't get as much practising in as I wanted to do yesterday, I did do a brief session, which was good but that was only about 10 minutes, so today I have started earlier. I was out running workshops yesterday, so I guess I will get that, but more often than not I want to do at least 15 minutes on those busy days.

I am enjoying "Ain’t No Grave"

So far today

5 x 1 minutes on all of my 5 rolls, then build up for longer times. (All five done this morning) So that was about 10 minutes fooling around. 


I took the dog for a walk, and I had my banjo in the car, so once we were done I got it out and did my 12 bar chord progressions through with variations of four of my five rolls. Then I went through from memory "Good Night Ladies," "Blackberry Blossum both parts A + B", simple Cripple Creek Part A + Part B, "Insert title here at some point" piece Part A + Part B


Then I did some work in the yard, it is raining to great weather to get some work in the garden. So I needed room in the car to take all the foliage down for recycling, so I emptied my car, so I grabbed my banjo, and I did some practising of my Backward Forward roll, and some general noodling. So short but frequent practising.

Worried Man Blues (listening to different versions and also reading about the song, playing around with it, just to get an overall feel)


I have done some other noodling around as well for a bit. Standing up only no lying around. :)


So I want to

 G | Em | C | D7 | And I did do this for a few minutes, so that was something else that I played around with.


 I didn't get around to playing the back up chords to all my pieces.


Potential pieces that I play do today.

1. 5 x (X = number of minutes) on all of my 5 rolls, then build up for longer times.

2. Goodnight Ladies

3. Blackberry Blossum Part A + Part B

4. 12 bar chord progression  G | % | % | % |  C | % | G | % | D7 | % | G | % | (using combinations of all my five rolls)

5. G | Em | C | D7 |

6. Major Scale G Melodic

7. Other Scale

8. Playing the back up chords for my pieces - I really want to do this, because I can really see the value in doing them - the ability to jam with other musicians, which I am a long way off doing, but it is good to have a goal.

9.  Really simple Cripple Creek Part A + Part B

10. "Insert title here at some point" piece Part A + Part B

11. Worried Man Blues (listening to different versions and also reading about the song)

12. I had better do one of the tunes in the book I last showed my banjo teacher as he said I could play all those tunes in that book - I want to show him I did at least one, this week. 

13. General noodling. Noodling laying down on the ground with my resonator on my belly feels really good. 

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