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"Oh Susanna" - Be Good Tanyas

Sunday, November 5, 2017 @5:24:27 PM

I am really enjoying jamming around and noodling around with my banjo. I am learning so much. I am loving the learning banjo journey. I am waking up again, after a considerable time of being a bit invisible and frozen. 

I am listening to "Oh Susanna" - Be Good Tanyas‌ I am so looking forward to learning to play "Oh Susanna".

I am quite fond of the Be Good Tanyas they have a lovely feeling to their songs and in their playing, there is a stillness and a presence to their music making, and I love their version of  "Waiting Around to Die‌ this is just such a sad song, and with what I have been reading and listening to about America's addiction to opioids  I understand this song to a much deeper level. It is extraordinary that 91 Americans die from opioid overdoses each day. All that waiting around to die is just so terriby heart wrenching and so sad. The harmonica is so there, and present, and I got my harmonica out and I thought I would like to play around with it. 

I thought of practising last night, and I just didn't get up to get the banjo, which was pretty slack, but I did do a fair bit of kayaking yesterday, and a few loads of green waste to the tip, and I did practise during the day, but I didn't do my night practising. So today is another day, and it is time to get moving. It was my Birthday, so I contacted people to let them know how much I appreciate them. An important thing to do from time to time.

We have been having some full on extreme weather events, nowhere as bad as what so many people around the planet are experiencing, I so feel for people. But it has been concerning nonetheless, I was thinking of where to move to, and a lot of places get cut off by flooding now, and I have to be able to get where I am going each day, so I couldn't go to some of the places. Gillian Welch - Hard Times‌ American music is just so devastating beautiful, and it captures the suffering of so many Americans so brilliantly, but in a way that just gently brings you in and gets you to feel all the people who played these types of music down through the ages, just so you take a breath and go "Oh wow"" that is in intense. And all the histories embedded in American music playing wraps around the whole globe culturally, musically, and historically, makes the music sometimes seem deceptively simple but has so much radiating out from it that it connects you to all other music makers around the planet, through place, time, heart, culture, soul through that shared humanity. We are all so interconnected. I am learning so much. I can't quite express it, but I will write more as time goes on. 

And given the news lately Caleb Meyer - Gillian Welch & David Rawlings is so poignant a recording of the nature of trauma and how it permeates our lives, our families and our communities, and now is a planet wide thing. Those fears, I guess, is why so many people need to numb themselves to all this pain. Lately we have had so many people speaking out about sexual abuse that they have lived through in their childhoods, and as adults as predatory men take adventure of them. We have had a very brave person on the BHO speak out about their childhood sexual abuse in these very blogs, and all I can do is tip my hat, and say you are so amazing to be alive, and I tip my hat to you and hope that you get some relief from all the pain that you have lived through/ are living through. So many brave people speaking up, and you know it is the musicians, the creative people that often lead the way. Ben Okri in "A Way of Being Free" talks about the responsibilities that we the artists/musicians have to society to wake us all up, to call us to attention of how our society is, to inspire us to protect those less fortunate than us, and who inspire us all to be better people, and better nations, so as music makers we have a sacred trust given to us to write and create music that is present and pure of heart that is inclusive and fortifying. Toxic music/art is not helpful, especially in these troubled times, a certain truth telling, those incantations that assist people to make it through the pain of just now, just for today are so important, so we all live to be with each other for another day.  



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