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Almost died in a tractor accident today & Banjo Lesson Focussed on Strumming and Rolls

Wednesday, December 13, 2017 @8:41:04 PM

As my banjo lesson focussed on strumming and rolls I now understand a lot more about strumming and rolls than I did a couple of weeks ago, that is for sure. My banjo teacher got me to play the last half a forward backward roll, and play that backwards twice, to get a backward backward roll of a backward part of a forward backward roll. It was quite a lot to wrap my head around. He also pointed out that I was strumming louder on the downward strum of the G string (Scruggs style playing on a 5 string banjo Open G String tuning, with two metal picks and one plastic thumb pick which might be too small for me) than the upward strum of  B and D, as well as and also strumming downwards harder on D downward strum than the upward strum of  B and D strings

I went to a nail salon yesterday afternoon, so the nail situation is somewhat resolved. It still hurts and it hurt when he sanded back the lower part of my fingernail. I can't over do C chords or D7 chords but hey I can do some of that.

Having a tough day today. I had a tractor accident this morning, and I am in shock. I was extremely lucky and could have been killed so things really are going well for me today. My leg didn't get ripped off or mangled either. But I was in shock and had to apply ice packs to my body for a period of time. I made the right choice of which way to jump off the tractor, unfortunately my foot got caught, but I had the presence of mind to alter the direction of my foot and roll away. So grateful to that rock, without that rock I wouldn't be typing right now. 

So after I was lying there for quite awhile with ice packs on me, and I was looking at my banjo, and my banjo was just looking very groovy and swish as banjos often do, so I did do some practising on my banjo. It was celebratory practising. The Banjo Practising/Playing that occurs when you have had quite the brush with death, and survived. My partner does not startle easily. He said he had been "most concerned". OMG! I am so lucky to be alive! And relatively unscathed! 

I did strumming practising. I did various rolls. I played around a bit. And noodled a bit. And I did gov over Blackberry Blossum and Good Night Ladies. I did a few other off tab pieces.

I am also listening to more BHO banjo players, and listening to MP3s and the videos, there is so much great music in there. It is a really good thing to do as part of practising, that is of deeply listening. So I am trying to listen and like a few banjo performances per day, and make some positive comments, because making music is such a beautiful thing to be doing. It adds heart to people's lives, and I love to add richness to other people's lives, and I appreciate people who do the same. And I am starting to listen to music I would never have listened to before.

More nail information. I got a professional to do it as I was upset about my fingernail, which now seems absolutely hilarious, given this mornings events.


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