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Home again & the Alexander Technique (20th July 2018 Gold Coast Jam Camp)

Saturday, February 3, 2018 @4:23:39 PM

I am so happy to be home and able to hold my banjo once again. I did do some tuning practising, and I think my banjo teacher might need to adjust my adjustments. I did have it tuned at one point. That was exciting. Now my banjo is not so well tuned, and I am not sure which way to go, and I don't want to break the strings. So I am hoping for a lesson for tomorrow.

I did write a long post and somehow lost it. I dislike that when it happens. I also mixed it up with a blog entry from the 19th of December. All types of weirdness happening here!

I emailed so I can sign up for one of their Jam Camps this year. I believe the next one is on the 20th to the 22nd of July 2018 in Burleigh Heads. I put it in my title so I know where to look for the details. I will have to really lift my game to be able to go okay there, but that is going to be a great motivator for me!

I was in Sydney twice this week, so I was banjoless for most of the week, and it was hard going!

The are many forms of practising and ways of seeing, and listening, of feeling the music, of understanding, of moving through blocks, and of understanding that maybe that something is coalescing within your musical self. It is not always smooth sailing. I think it is just as important to discuss non practising times, struggling with practising times, being blocked, as well as the times you actually are practising. 

I am also really stressed and I am finding it hard to relax enough to noodle around or play or even practise. I probably need to go and do some semi supine from The Alexander Technique, which is a type of mindful movement. I see a teacher and I am learning how to have good use of my body, and not poor use of my body. A lot of actors, performers and musicians do the Alexander Technique to manage their bodies/pain and performing. So it is hard to explain it is not about putting your body in a "posture". It is about letting the muscles kind of undo so you are able to move/play with a better sense of your own body. So you work with your body, and not against your own body! There is a lot of undoing to do, and you are not meant to be trying with that process. It is really hard to not try hard. It is challenging to explain as it is a propriceptive/felt experience that are kind of on the edges of language. 

Mostly I just want to play my banjo, so I am thinking about that.


So I ended up tuning my banjo! I think I have my banjo teacher's tuner! Anyway I tuned it and I didn't break a string, so that was progress! 

I did four semi supines, and I also did practising lying down in a semi supine position. That was interesting.

So I am going over my pieces, making them less rusty for my next lesson, and I am revisiting my rolls, and I am also doing my counting which I find embarrassing but my banjo teacher keeps making me do all these things I think I won't be able to do that, but hey he got me doing my own very simple improvisations so I will just keep doing what he suggests.

I could have gone and seen my banjo teacher playing today, but I did not realise until right now that he is playing right now. Anyway I will get there. 


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