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2017 Song - Snowden - (Whoa)

Friday, July 20, 2018 @11:51:46 PM

Are you paying attention to current geo-political events? Last year I wrote a political song all about RUSSIA-GATE.... ' course we wish not to argue, but here are the






Toothless in the house...uugh! 
2017 aint boring is it man?...Ahaugh! 


It's nothing new 
Cause Snowden Knew 
But exactly WHAT did he know? 
Ahooooh! Remember just WHERE did he go? 


"We interrupt this cool kick ass video 
with this important breaking news!: 
"You have already voluntarily gave up 
your rights and freedoms of your soul & mind 
Freedom to choose, and all the same 
After all, you don't mean to complain 
but politics are getting in the way all the same 
But it all started with a certain dude named Edward Snowden"... Maaaan! 


Papa Bear Say: Does Eagle Want Winterman Back? 
He is akin to being addicted to smack *yawn* 
Bla Bla Bla... he is on Y Tube everyday!!!! ugh *ego* 
Man, please stay off the air! talk talk.. 
Ed, Avoid the spotlight! Oh, .. bam bam wop bop 
You done made your plight! 
Owie - Bearland Welcome Hacker All! 
Whistle blowers are not always the same 
All economic depressions matters! 
It's as transparent as muddy water! 

Was he a one man band or one with another plan? 
Just so I can't understand why it feels so good 
to be play a one man band.. 
I wish I knew before, now I understand Ah huh... 

Reborn via music to please 
God, Ah HA..Save this land! 
The Root of All Evil 
The Devil in the land! 

Ah.. 2017, A 50 sided civil war! 
Signing your name with a crayon! 
Do you really need something to pray on? 

Ed, stay off the air 
You spilled the beans to the bear! 
Snowden avoid the spotlight! 
You already make your flight 
You spilled the beans first, after all 
Whistle blowers are not all the same...ah ha ha 
It's nothing new, cuz Snowden did not warn us to EXACTLY what he knew!! 

Remember Snowden wears a vest 
Snowden's 10-20 is nowhere address 
Ooooh.. a single man jumped into the frying pan across the land 
He jumped over the moon, he whistle and run! 
Then he hit the highway!! 
Time to grab your gun 
As papa bear said: 

Does Eagle Want Winterman Back????????? 
It's nothing new..

bla bla bla 

SNOWDEN - LYRICS AND MUSIC (c) 2017 - Terry Bates - All Rights Reserved!





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