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Resistance To Learning New Concepts

Tuesday, July 16, 2013 @7:46:09 PM

What is is about learning new things about how music works, that is so terrible in many players eyes? Recent and previous threads about 'scales' on the BHO, are  small examples of a pervasive attitude. Why is learning scales such a bad thing? What is the issue with them that dissuades some from even attempting to learn something about it? 

I'm continually baffled that even experienced players, who claim to  not know 'theory' and who 'don't need it', don't realize that  to be very good, you must know it. The  thing is you don't know you know it.  In the various discussions on threads about 'scales', the naysayers basic argument is thi: 'why learn them?" To which I answer 'Why not?"  It simply expands you as a player and deepens not only your understanding of music, but your appreciation for it.

As my friend John Steele said the other day in the chatroom, "I hate when folks quote that Chet Atkins quote about someone asking him if he knew any theory, and he said "not enough to hurt my playing".  Chet actually knew quite a lot of theory but its become a mantra for staying ignorant and being proud of it. As musicians, we should always strive to know how this all works on a fundamental lever. Knowing more about muisc is never a bad thing to a player who is dedicated to being more advanced. 

This 'Im fine knowing just what I know' is a really limited attitude...just saying.


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