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Eight days musical holiday trip to Ireland

Posted by Torben Pedersen on Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Just arrived from eight days holiday trip in Ireland. - A great trip with lot of music. There were music everywhere we were. On the streets - in the mountains - on the pubs, and so on. There were many fantastic musicans/groups playing. - Just walk on the streets and listen. -  If you like Irish music, I can recommend to go there.

Many people have told, that it always rains in Ireland. The eight days there, were two hours rain, rest of the time, the sun was shining.

" Ofcourse " I have to buy an Irish Bodhran - My wife bought a big F whistle. - So now I must try to learn to play the Bodhran.

8 comments on “Eight days musical holiday trip to Ireland”

erikforgod Says:
Tuesday, September 11, 2012 @2:43:50 PM

Torben sounds like you had a great time! I have a question: "Do the Danes play the "Hardanger" fiddle like the Norwegians or is that strictly a Norwegian phenomenon? I am curious as to what traditional Danish folk music sounds like. I have a renewed interest in all things Denmark because just finished some geneology research on my ancestors from Derbyshire England and he suspects that my ancestors may have actually been Danes who came over to England during the "invasion period"...centuries ago. Our last name is Roby but in England it was originally spelled either "Roeby" or "Rodby" and he suspects it could be of Danish origin...hence the "by" surname ending. It is well known historically that many Danes settled in central England and assimilated into british life after the English King Aelfred.

Torben Pedersen Says:
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 @12:18:43 AM

Hi Eric. Not many in Denmark play the "Hardanger". It`s mostly a Norwegian phenomenon. Danish folk music are in "family" with Norwegian - Swedish - Scottish and Irish Folk music. The last years, the middelage music have been very popular in Denmark. You can listen to Virelai on you tube, our daughter Mia Guldhammer, is singing in the group. - The traditionel folk music...listen to RebildSpillem?ndene on you tube...they are very traditionel. - Then there is a newere folk music. That`s the one we mostly play in our group. The music are inspired by the Irish - Scottish and the American music from the sixteens. Dylan/Donovan/Pete seeger/Tom Paxton/Peter,Paul and Mary and so on. In many years we sang that kind of songs in English. But last in the sixteens, many autors began to write, that kind of songs with Danish words. - Today few people are doing experiment with a new Folk Music style. Electronic folk music.
It`s very interesting to study the geneology, and who know...maybe you there is a line to Denmark. When I saw the last name you wrote, Roeby....Many people took the name from their town, as the last name, when they left the country. When I saw the last name, my first thought was "R?dby". A town in Denmark. In the English there is no ?. Therefore it`s written a oe...Roedby. ...Who know..but it`s very interesting.

erikforgod Says:
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 @10:54:58 AM

Torben thats interesting ....its possible they it was spelled Roeby..I know that in the old Danish "by" means a "Boundary or a mark" I would love to know for sure...but my family records in Derbyshire only go back to the year 1200. I am thinking of doing a DNA geneology study...where you pay US 200 dollars but they trace your direct lineage and compare it to living populations today. The only thing we know is that the area of England where my family lived was known as the "Danelaw" for a few hundred years. The ancient Danish kings invaded and settled that area and forced a tribute tax called "Danegeld" on the local inhabitants its possible....I would love to find out. ...I very well may have a direct ancestor centuries back that may have been Danish...

Torben Pedersen Says:
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 @12:29:57 PM

Fantastic so long time you`r back in time. It`s very interesting. In our family we are back about 1850. It`s a very big job to find the lines. But the things you write, could sound like you have a line to Denmark. I really understand you`ll find it interesting, to see that it is right. Good luck.

erikforgod Says:
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 @12:33:31 PM

No problem and soon as I am able I want to check those you-tube links that you mentioned to listen to your daughter and also here some folk music Danish style!!

Torben Pedersen Says:
Wednesday, September 12, 2012 @12:47:33 PM

Sounds good...I think you will enjoy to hear Virelai play the old instruments : Drum . Whistle - Violin - Mandolin and Drejelire. I don`t know what they call Drejelire in English.
Have a good time. Here its nearly time, for going to bed.

Old Hickory Says:
Sunday, November 11, 2012 @9:26:26 AM

Our recent two-week visit to Ireland started just as yours was ending! We arrived September 10 and were there until Sept 22. It rained almost every day. We did not see a sunset until our final night!

But still we loved it. Wonderful people, scenery, food and -- of course -- music. Our stops were Doolin, Galway, Donegal, Carrick Fergus, Dublin, Killarney and Dingle. I regretted not bringing a banjo with me. There were several opportunities to sit in, if I had had an instrument with me.

Torben Pedersen Says:
Sunday, November 11, 2012 @10:07:31 AM

Yes, we were very lucky about the weather. Our guide also laugh a little, when she said: "Tell all the people i meet, that there always is sunshine in Ireland." - But great you also have a wonderful travel. - We were in Dublin - Galway - Killarney - Cork. So it`s nearly the same area we have been. - We also enjoyed the music around us, and the wonderful people, who like to talk with us, and tell about their life in Ireland. - In Cork I for a short time, was a street player. One with a funny "violin instrument", let me try to play it. I played and old Danish folk song. When he got his instrument back, he played the same in an Irish version. My wife was so surprised, that she forgot to take a photo. - PS: It`s going fine learning the Bodhran. I bought a learning DVD by Steafan Hannigan.

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