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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Playing 4 string Banjo with finger picks?

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DebFromOz - Posted - 08/06/2007:  06:23:43

I play 4 string banjo (with flat pick) jazz or dixi land style. Did learn 5 string some years ago for awhile and was wondering if there was tab sheets or instructioin for finger picking on a 4 string. Im tuned to CGBD (long necked 22 fret banjo). I loved how easy rolls became after practice and would like to try again for my amusement. And perhaps I can incorporte some rolls into the choruses I play at Church.
Anyone got any suggestions.


Mirek Patek - Posted - 08/06/2007:  07:51:06

At my page there is info about fingerpicking on the DGdg tuning.


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drocha - Posted - 08/06/2007:  11:51:52

Deb, welcome to the BJO!

banjonz - Posted - 08/06/2007:  15:54:52

Hi from NZ Debs. While it is a little unusal, there is no reason why NOT! You can do anything you like on the banjo. There are no rules where this is concerned. If it gives you the sound you are looking for then go for it.

New Zealand

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John Gribble - Posted - 08/07/2007:  09:46:58

Hi, Deb:

You might try some guitar-type finger picking or arpeggio patterns. They work rather well with the five-string version of your tuning.

John Gribble
Tokyo, Japan

GerhardP - Posted - 08/07/2007:  12:09:13

Scroll down a little for "Bluegrass on a tenor banjo" on this page:

I recorded this in open Bb tuning (basically the same as standard G tuning DGBd for a five string minus the 5th string transposed 3 half tones to match the shorter scale of the tenor). Also check out the KK10 sound sample on my BHO homepage.


"Most bullet holes in banjos are a result of poor aim"
(Fretless Josh Saw in BNL July '02)

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