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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Pets or animal friends who join you while playing. 2023

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Helix - Posted - 12/21/2023:  02:30:40

Here's the rabbit control committee, both male and female
Then the Harris Hawk while another Raptor was landing.

STUD figmo Al - Posted - 12/21/2023:  03:49:38

Most ... :0/


mike gregory - Posted - 12/21/2023:  03:50:42

Mooch the Pooch loves to climb up on the sofa and sit with us when Mary and I are picking our banjos.

Texasbanjo - Posted - 12/21/2023:  04:30:18

My poodle will sit in his favorite chair while I pick and sing. He occasionally will come close and lay down and put his head on my foot and just take a little puppy nap and listen.

wrench13 - Posted - 12/21/2023:  05:26:45

My parrot, Salty, will actually sing (Amazon style) with me if I practice upstairs in the living room.  He does it more with banjo then if I play fiddle.  I've learned to block out his 'singing, etc' when playing.  

  I've had him on my shoulder once in awhile when doing an outdoor gig (pirate folk love parrots), and he is pretty silent then, but eventually he gets bored, climbs to my left shoulder and tries to chew on the fiddle. Thats when he goes back into his travel cage for a spell.

wrench13  Me and Salty at Long Island Pirate Festival

Helix - Posted - 12/21/2023:  06:36:42

We forget about the cold blooded

This is a real desert tortoise from the desert Southwest. She came out for the warmth
Don’t we all
Dave Lawrence showed up one day with his Brazilian Grey who also jammed with us

8thpol - Posted - 12/21/2023:  07:20:52


TN Time - Posted - 12/21/2023:  07:39:30

Rosie, our little Boston Terrier likes to lie beside me on the sofa when I am practicing. She was the runt of the litter and was born blind in one eye, but you would never know it as it does not seem to bother her.


Edited by - TN Time on 12/21/2023 07:40:34

janolov - Posted - 12/21/2023:  08:08:51


Slaminsam - Posted - 12/21/2023:  08:09:18

This thread brought the following video to mind. There is a member in the Netherlands who has a recent ad up and the dog on the couch is priceless especially at 0:22 seconds in. I wish him all the luck in selling and his playing is great as well!

Edited by - Slaminsam on 12/21/2023 08:11:47

wrench13 - Posted - 12/21/2023:  11:16:30

Larry, Grey parrots are from Africa. Old world parrot.

monstertone - Posted - 12/21/2023:  15:43:27

There was a time when the kids had a pet duck. Weather permitting, the backyard was where I did my practicing. The duck would lay beside me while I did my thing.

mike gregory - Posted - 12/21/2023:  16:17:13

My all-time favorite animal and banjo picture.

I was informed that it's a picture of a kid in a Displaced Persons' Camp, after WW2.

IF true, makes for an even better story: Hope and Joy in a place of general misery.

Helix - Posted - 12/22/2023:  04:33:50

Larry, Grey parrots are from Africa. Old world parrot.

I understand that Alex was an African Grey.  Dave says his is a Brazilian who don't vocalize as much, they look similar,.

No doubt you are correct.

Still it was great to have him participate. 

You all have been very good this year.




Owen - Posted - 12/22/2023:  07:23:58

I guess it's from t'other end of the spectrum... one of my older brothers was pretty good on the harmonica, or as it was called in our household, a mouth organ.  A couple of our farm dogs would howl [disconsolately?] if they were within earshot.   They'd sit and howl, but not leave the area, so I dunno whether it was "bothering" their ears or not.  In any event, he doled it out in limited amounts.

Larry, those ^^ cats make a particularly interesting pic, IMNSHumbleO.  yes   Reminds me of barn cats waiting while the cow is being [hand] milked.

steve davis - Posted - 12/22/2023:  08:42:52

While sitting to play my banjo,my Chocolate Lab "Mocha" would lay down and put her chin across my feet.
This has also happened when picking with friends and their dog (never met before) comes over to me and does the same thing.

Helix - Posted - 12/23/2023:  14:16:52

My dog is a Jack Russel and Chee Wa Wa
He does the chin down on the foot thing too. There are some neighbors he just won’t tolerate

It is possible and probable that we are nice people and other peoples’ kids and pets are drawn to that
We’ve all seen the banjo and the fox video
There’s good in it
Post communist kids are playing bluegrass
It’s got to be good

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