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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Saw a nice big Deer this mornin..

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STUD figmo Al - Posted - 11/16/2023:  05:56:53

Perfect spot to shoot..
But did not take a shot...
Weather here way to warm fer hangin...

Hows about youse guys season..?

Buddur - Posted - 11/16/2023:  06:30:26

At least the deer wasn't right in front of your car just before WHAM!

I don't drive fast, but regardless, this is the time of the year I drive slower and try to have a keen eye watching for deer from the side of the road.

STUD figmo Al - Posted - 11/16/2023:  06:54:40

Go to the body shop to ..reload.. ;0)

rinemb - Posted - 11/16/2023:  07:17:37

Vehicle deer collisions are a growing issue in and around Wichita, Ks. Many at high speeds on the hwys and interstates and passage to the suburban developments in the area. Too many deer, not enough permits issued or purchased. Even though they keep offering more permits. I avoid night driving across Kansas as much as I can in my work, because of the deer. Brad

TN Time - Posted - 11/16/2023:  08:03:42

The deer season in Michigan opened yesterday, the 15th as it has for years. I was born and raised in Michigan (I left Michigan and moved to Florida 34 years ago) and deer season was always a big deal and I always looked forward to opening day. I completely gave up hunting several years ago; as I got older, I no longer wanted to kill anything. I am not anti-hunting and if anyone wants to hunt and kill a deer I say more power to them; it is just not for me. Here in the Smoky Mountains, we see deer in our yard (along with other wildlife) fairly often and they are a joy to watch.

Back when I lived in Michigan, I knew several guys who went "deer hunting" and never even entered the woods. To them, deer hunting was one big party and nary a deer was killed.

Texasbanjo - Posted - 11/16/2023:  08:07:32

I have deer season all year long.... as long as I shoot them with a camera, which is my preferred way to shoot them (G)

Eric A - Posted - 11/16/2023:  08:35:22

Deer continue to reproduce, but humans hunting for deer for meat, or sport, or jollies, or drinking with your buddies, or because you used to do it with your dad, is a steadily declining thing. Sheer demographics. In Wisconsin, a basic part of the "goodbye' conversation is "watch for deer". Year round.

Eric A - Posted - 11/16/2023:  08:41:21


Originally posted by Eric A

Deer continue to reproduce, but humans hunting for deer for meat, or sport, or jollies, or drinking with your buddies, or because you used to do it with your dad, is a steadily declining thing. Sheer demographics. In Wisconsin, a basic part of the "goodbye' conversation is "watch for deer". Year round.

I used to hunt everything, all the time, with my dad.  Has this carried over to my son?  No.  His generation needs some better instant gratification than tromping through the swamps for two hours for no guarantee of even one shot at a bird.   No way I could keep him interested.

Leslie R - Posted - 11/16/2023:  09:30:05

Tromping through a cold swamp could take the enjoyment out of just about anything.

heavy5 - Posted - 11/16/2023:  09:36:51

Guaranteed action w/ this head wear on Face Book
I'm firm on the price

Owen - Posted - 11/16/2023:  09:44:33

"Tromping through a cold swamp" reminds me of a time a couple of my buddies took me out to shoot Canada geese.  Kinda a coolish, drizzly fall day and I dutifully hid under the straw swaths and jumped out when told, etc., etc. 

However I noticed that the geese were gliding in over the field and then up over a narrow strip of bush before settling on the river beyond the bush. I asked why we didn't just sit in the edge of the bush and shoot when the geese started their upswing. 

"That's not how you shoot geese."   

"Oh. Okay."

STUD figmo Al - Posted - 11/16/2023:  10:00:21

I like the meat..
Sport dose not intrest me in the least..

That is what they make skeet n trap fer..

Small game is fine too...
But rerly do that..
Mebee a buddy likes to harvest rabbits..
So i leave them to him..

Squirral...(TreeRats..) are plentiful..might do that..

NotABanjoYoda - Posted - 11/16/2023:  10:50:45

I definitely understand the draw to hunt pasture and cornfed midwestern deer. But these southern AZ deer live on cactus, Are barely bigger than a scrawny coyote and taste like rear end. I assume it beer, brats and buddies getting away from the domestic brew.

STUD figmo Al - Posted - 11/16/2023:  11:57:22

We have lots of corn n grain fields here..i am a bit north in the state..shore line differnt..
Nowhere near as good imo...

The best deer i get me buddy shoots..
They grow all kinds of feed grain..n he dose crop protecton..
Fine by me..As the not a thrill

STUD figmo Al - Posted - 11/25/2023:  13:46:14

Well have not seen annathin...

Callin out the Big Guns tho...
Me Lucky Stomy Kromer hat is out...

At least the tops of me ears will be warm.. ;0)

Thanks Slammer..! :0)

slammer - Posted - 11/26/2023:  05:11:11

Been out at deer camp since the 14th and couldn’t post from out there, but had a pretty successful hunt on our property. Opening day 5 minutes after sun up, a 7 pointer committed suicide by walking out in front of me. That was the earliest I’ve ever gotten a deer during the regular season. Later that day I managed an eight pointer that tried making it across the old railroad grade that runs through our property.
Dropped him in his tracks !!! Pun intended !!! Freezer is getting full and will probably take one more during muzzle loader season to give some more meat to my son and an old buddy of mine that doesn’t hunt anymore. Only problem with all the shooting the first day is the trouble ya get in by not having to hunt anymore and having lots of time at camp!!! Yikes!!!

mike gregory - Posted - 11/26/2023:  05:49:49

Not anti-hunting.
Just too lazy to chase my lunch.
In-laws and stepsons are good at bringing home the wild lunch, and I'm good at eating.

Also have several friends and relatives who have survived deer/car collisions.
Had a wild turkey dash in front of my van, to prove to his harem that he's not afraid of speeding vehicles.

He left a dent, and several widows.

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