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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: What does this look like?

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jimmyprince - Posted - 08/26/2023:  12:11:32

Not shure model

Edited by - jimmyprince on 08/26/2023 12:12:21


jimmyprince - Posted - 08/26/2023:  12:13:27

disreguard bottom photo

The Old Timer - Posted - 08/26/2023:  13:49:57

It looks like "possibly" a pre war 2 pc flange Style 3 with a conversion neck and changed resonator, or possibly a post 1970 RB 250 with a after market neck.

Basically, the 3 parts don't match up. The armrest is definitely post 1970, having two legs and "Gibson" stamped in it.

Photos of interior, neck binding, etc. would help. Any FON stamped into the rim inside?

At best it's a parts banjo, and maybe one or some of the parts are Gibson factory.

jimmyprince - Posted - 08/26/2023:  14:09:36

Culloden - Posted - 08/26/2023:  14:27:50

It is listed as an RB250. The neck is either from an RB75 or it has been made like an RB75.
It may be worth the $1900 the seller is asking.

lightgauge - Posted - 08/26/2023:  15:34:04

I would like to see it in person. Too many things don't match, but someone has loved it enough to put a lot of wear on it and that is a good sign.

Old Hickory - Posted - 08/26/2023:  19:21:50

Pot could be authentic 70s RB250.

Armrest is correct. Tailpiece isn't original -- not that originality matters a whole lot with this era.

No way to know about the rim and tone ring.

Neck is not original to the banjo and may not be Gibson. Tuners are correct. Two buttons appear to be not pearloid and so not original.

I think $1900 is a reasonable price for one in good condition and original major parts. I'm honestly not sure what I would pay for this one.

Edited by - Old Hickory on 08/26/2023 19:22:39

J.Albert - Posted - 08/28/2023:  11:28:13

Pot is a 70's era RB-250 w/2 piece flange.

Tailpiece is a replacement.

Armrest looks to be original.

Neck is a 3rd-party replacement.

Tuners on it, however, look to be off original neck.

$1,500 at best.

lightgauge - Posted - 08/28/2023:  13:59:48

When did black rims end ? I expected a 70's 2 pc. flange to be the black painted multiply.

Old Hickory - Posted - 08/28/2023:  16:57:26

Gibson reportedly went to a 3-ply rim by the end of the 70s, but I've never read anyone saying the rim was stained instead of black.

So is this original or a replacement? A replacement is potentially an improvement if the original was a multi-ply. I consider it neutral on value. But what do I know?

lightgauge - Posted - 08/28/2023:  17:26:22

Way too many unknowns for me. It could be 20's, 30's, 70's, 80's or a total copy. Only in person on this one.

Old Hickory - Posted - 08/30/2023:  08:01:48

Thumbscrew not original.

The nickel plating has gone to that dull color commin of the 70s RB250.

I paid $1200 in 2018 for a banjo with some significant 1970s Gibson parts (neck, resonator, and armrest for sure; tension hoop probably) and a lot of unknowns (rim, ring, flange, for example). 

So maybe my previous guess of $1900 depends on ability to identify parts. Otherwise, I agree with John's opinion of no more than $1500.

jimmyprince - Posted - 08/30/2023:  14:14:25

More pictures

lightgauge - Posted - 08/30/2023:  18:42:05

Oh well. Tony Pass thinskirt likely replaced a black delaminated rim.

Edited by - lightgauge on 08/30/2023 18:43:38

Aradobanjo - Posted - 08/31/2023:  17:51:04


A Tony Pass rim is no slouch. These were touted as being able to peel paint. Is this not the case?

mikehalloran - Posted - 08/31/2023:  20:10:48

A Tony Pass rim ups the ante a little. If I liked the banjo in person, $1.900 isn't a bad price. It's no great bargain, either. $1,500 offered cash, in person might swing the deal — again, gotta like the banjo in person.

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