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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Writing My Other Hobby

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musclemom1234 - Posted - 06/08/2023:  06:48:07

At least I want it to be a hobby. I joined a writing group and this is one of my attempts at a story...

It's G rated and will stay pretty calm in that regard. It's about an older man meeting a younger lady with a spark developing and some comedy/humorous moments emerging from them spending time together.


Scott checked his phone as he sat at the desk of his insurance agency. He lived in a small town in the Midwest and had his own agency. At 64 years old he had no thoughts of slowing down or retiring.
He knew that if he did, he would get bored and would be looking to get back into some kind of work, so why not keep going. He had however cut back his hours and was more laid back then when he opened
the agency some 30 years ago. He had been divorced for a long time, decades actually and gave up dating at this point in his life. He did have three kids and 8 grandkids, and got to see them somewhat regularly.
He had grown up in the town and never really left, he had a good group of friends there and one of them, Todd and his wife, were having a neighborhood BBQ that night that he was invited to.

He wasn't planning on going, he liked the sports watch parties his friend had but not these more general outings. But he had convinced himself he should go. He went home around 3 on that Saturday and had about an hour before the BBQ. He showered and changed into a polo shirt and khaki pants. He wasn't bad looking for 64, he looked much younger, he was quite tall and rail thin. Soft in most places. He planned to stop and grab some beer to bring to the BBQ, so he left his home around 330 and drove to the store.

Across town, Sara walked around the old Victorian house she had inherited from her great aunt. The house needed tons of work inside and outside, but given her financial state, she took it and moved to this small town, now knowing anyone. She took the one job she could find, working the front desk at the local library. She had no experience and was not a librarian but loved to read. She was going to make enough to mildly survive and live how she wanted. She was 36 years old and starting over again. She was divorced with no kids. The last divorce had taken everything from her. She had met Mary (who happens to be Todd's wife) at the local Chamber of Commerce breakfast that was hosted at the library earlier in the week. They had started chatting and Mary invited her to a BBQ at her house that weekend.

The day had arrived and Sara had prepared a home made fruit tray she had assembled. She went to her room to change, she didn't have a lot of good options, she chose a long skirt that kid her legs and a sleeveless top. She stood a mere five foot one and weighed 145 pounds. She had very short, dark hair. She reached her hands back and tied what ponytail she could with her short hair. A 5 inch stub of hair stuck off the back of her head now. She took one more look in the mirror. Smiling back at herself, she gazed at her huged muscled arms that her sleeveless top proudly showed off. Her massive, tree trunk like thighs were hidden under her skirt. She grabbed her large, black fitness tracker and put it around her very thickly muscled forearm. Her dedication to bodybuilding and powerlifting were visible, and hopefully not to shocking to the people at the BBQ. She stretched her right fist out, then brought it up to her head as she flexed her huge arm. Her arm was massive and thick. She giggled and went to grab her fruit tray.

Scott pulled up to Todd's house and had to park a half block away as dozens of people were already there. He made his way to the garage, passing some people he knew. He put the beer he brought in the cooler and went to find Todd.

Sara walked over to the house from her's, a mere 4 blocks. She was holding her tray and smiled as a group of little kids went running by.

She saw people walking up to the garage and followed them.

Mary was there and greeted her. "You came," she said, smi

rinemb - Posted - 06/08/2023:  07:36:12

Congratulations. I too am an amateur writer of short stories and musings, rising from my technical/business writing experience. We have a few pros on board as well. I suppose, I have been penning stories since the early 1990's. First, as therapy, then for fun. Though I will never make a dime, my later work is definitely better, both in grammar and style.
My mentor/writing coach, and old friend, is tough critic and professional writer. Before that,
I relied on many books on creative writing and grammar. Here are a few on grammar, that I recommend and still refer to. "The Elements of Grammar," "Comma Sense," "The Perfect English Grammar Workbook."
Enjoy the ride. It is addictive. One warning that a couple of friends and I experience: Don't rely on family to support you, read your stuff, or give you kudos. My brother has been a writer of articles and poetry for decades, and it is hard for me to read and comment on his stuff. So I am guilty as well. That said, I hope your family is different.
BTW, a good start!
I am such a bad writer, that I can easily and often spend dozens+ of hours rewriting and editing my own 500-5000 word stories.

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