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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Good book, if you don't mond the impossible details

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mike gregory - Posted - 05/28/2023:  12:12:48

Big fan of Tom Clancy's "JACK RYAN" adventures.
Picked up a couple paperbacks for $0.25 each at a rummage sale.

Turns out they're the adventures of Jack Ryan JUNIOR!

Written by someone other than T. Clancy, but much in tune with his style.

Enjoyable reading, BUT-----!!

In this book, J.Ryan SENIOR is the PRESIDENT.
Which SHOULD mean that J.Ryan JUNIOR couldn't go ANYWHERE without a couple of Secret Service persons within easy reach.

And that would mean he could NOT have gotten into ANY of the cliffhanger Life/Death problems he managed to survive.

(When I ain't picking banjo, I'm picking nits in works of fiction.)

Texasbanjo - Posted - 05/28/2023:  14:34:59

But Mike, that's why it's called fiction, not fact. Authors can take all the liberties they want with fiction but must stick to the truth and facts on non-fiction.

mike gregory - Posted - 05/28/2023:  15:45:52

I didn't say he did a BAD JOB of writing.
Just that one must readily suspend disbelief.

For a VERY DIFFERENT version of history, I'd suggest stories by Harry Turtledove.
One set has aliens invading Earth during WW2.
(One very nice little detail: When an alarm goes off in the aliens' building, it's not a horn, nor a siren. They are LIZARDS, so it's a very loud HISS!)

Another set has the Union and the Confederacy fighting to a standstill, and signing a truce, leaving both nations existing, with the usual distrust and dislike on both sides...and George Armstrong Custer appointed the Military Governor over Utah.

Fun stuff.

STUD figmo Al - Posted - 05/28/2023:  16:12:42

I understand that there have been many times ..when the Secrit Service details have gotten ..ditched..

When the gaurded subject..
Wanted to go do..." Dirty"...

jbanjoist - Posted - 05/29/2023:  13:12:58

The series on Amazon Prime is excellent.

paulac7 - Posted - 05/30/2023:  09:18:12

I was a big Jack Ryan reader about 10 years ago. Great attention to detail, even if it was a little 'stretched' sometimes. Need to check out the Turtledove writings. Don't know how I would feel about a hissing alarm though. It most likely would get my attention!

DC5 - Posted - 05/30/2023:  12:17:33

I like to do the same nit picking in motion pictures. In the movie version of "A Clear and Present Danger" while driving through a South or Central America city there were drug lords on the tops of buildings with full auto weapons firing on our hero's van while he hung off the swinging back door of the van with a hand gun and managed to hit and kill several of the bad guys without getting so much a scratch.

I forget which Stallone movie it was, probably all of them, but he walks in carrying a full auto 50 cal machine gun and fires rounds for several minutes. If you calculate the number of shots fired he would have been carrying over 1,000 pounds of ammunition.

South Jersey Mike - Posted - 05/30/2023:  12:37:16

Reminds me of a time me and my friend were watching Scooby Doo and I was like “dude, that would never happen!” and my friend’s older brother said “neither would a talking dog.”

Solid point :)

Owen - Posted - 05/30/2023:  12:49:06

Seemingly I never tire of posting this, but it looks like the Canadian Education Committee and thus education in Canada I suppose, is ahead of the curve on at least two counts.... talking animals AND book bans.

mike gregory - Posted - 05/30/2023:  13:10:38

Owen Looks like Tennessee is trying to beat Canada in the Who's Stoopider?" game.

George Dawson, author of "LIFE IS SO GOOD" got a school named after him.

And now, THE BOOK HE WROTE is not permitted to be on the shelves in THAT school!

I don't know about how dangerous books can really be.

I read Bram Stoker's "Dracula", and  although there are times I  really DO want to sleep ALL DAY, I never  wanted to sleep in a coffin full of dirt from my native land.

Also read Edgar Rice Burrough's original "TARZAN of the APES", and it never inspired me to  go to Africa and run barefoot through the jungle.


but I never jumped out of an airplane.

Never even strapped a pillowcase to my body and jumped out a 2nd floor window!

DC5 - Posted - 05/31/2023:  07:33:23


Originally posted by Owen

Seemingly I never tire of posting this, but it looks like the Canadian Education Committee and thus education in Canada I suppose, is ahead of the curve on at least two counts.... talking animals AND book bans.

There's some valid points there.  Look at all the damage done by Mr. Ed, Francis the Talking Mule and Joe Camel.  They should ban all reruns of "My Mother the Car" too, not because of the talking car, but because it was a pretty stupid show. wink

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