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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Quick bluesy end lick??

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USAF PJ - Posted - 05/16/2023:  07:39:58

So the end lick, yes, I have been trying, but can someone assist. I would like to try this ending tonight.

USAF PJ - Posted - 05/16/2023:  07:41:15

Right @ 2:56

TimFoster - Posted - 05/16/2023:  07:52:05

On banjo in B maj, like in the video? Capoing 4th fret?  I see a way to do it sort of melodic style but not sure how to get it across on text lol.  I can make a quick video later -- but it puts you up around the 11th fret:

1rst string @11th fret (M)

5th string @13th fret (T)

1rst string @11th (M)

2nd string @ 12th (I)

3rd string @ 13th (T)

1rst string open (assume capo @ 4th fret) (M)

2nd string open (capo 4th) (I)


Edited by - TimFoster on 05/16/2023 08:07:29

chuckv97 - Posted - 05/16/2023:  08:22:29

From the capo at the 4th fret,  this is what I get with a quick analysis

Edited by - chuckv97 on 05/16/2023 08:25:10

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 05/16/2023:  08:45:36

I get this.


USAF PJ - Posted - 05/16/2023:  08:55:20

You guys!!! are great, I am going to get back and follow up here w/banjo in hand. Thanks for looking out for me.

TimFoster - Posted - 05/16/2023:  09:10:38

This is what I landed on:

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 05/16/2023:  09:41:26

BTW there is no blue notes involved here. It's major pentatonic scale with a G6/9 chord finish (more major pentatonic).

USAF PJ - Posted - 05/16/2023:  09:48:52


Originally posted by TimFoster

This is what I landed on:

Dude, how kind you are!! My own personal lesson, thanks bro!!

Edited by - USAF PJ on 05/16/2023 09:50:03

TimFoster - Posted - 05/16/2023:  10:02:59

Very welcome!!! But… I was kinda rushing and just realized my 5th was out of tune and capo’d at the wrong spot lol!

So everything in that video pretty much stands, but when in proper tune you’ll want to use the 13th fret on the 5th string (and perhaps use your ring finger to fret it, instead of your pinky.)

Sorry about that lol

Ira Gitlin - Posted - 05/20/2023:  06:53:22

The notes in Rick's tab are entirely accurate, and as he points out, it's NOT bluesy at all.

Now, how many ways can we figure out to play those notes on the banjo, eh? };^)


(In about a minute or so I just came up with three or four in addition to what's in Rick's tab.)

Edited by - Ira Gitlin on 05/20/2023 06:56:30

steve davis - Posted - 05/23/2023:  06:22:48

Tab is great for getting to the answers quickly and accurately.

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