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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Antelope entering highway at 55 miles per hour

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MoPac - Posted - 04/27/2023:  12:13:17

I kept seeing these signs about antelope entering the highway at 55 miles per hour. It wasn't long before we came upon this car full of kids that had hit an antelope right in front of us. We were probably a mile behind them, somewhere in Wyoming. The nearest town to us was Green River. We helped push them off the road and called the State Patrol. Their car was totaled, airbags deployed. We gave them some money to help out, and went on our way.

ChunoTheDog - Posted - 04/27/2023:  12:25:33

Man, that sucks. I hope they weren't too far from home.

You're nice for having stopped to help them out.

Owen - Posted - 04/27/2023:  17:40:54

I guess it's ^^ another of those things best viewed from a distance.  I know about the risk of flash floods in areas of the S.W., even though the storm per se can be some some ways off.   Nevertheless, [I think?] I'd like to witness one .... not from the low spot of the highway, but from a height of land off to one side.

NotABanjoYoda - Posted - 04/27/2023:  18:50:10

There is lots of creature blood on WY highways. I banned myself from driving after dark there and I got a serious deer bumper and grill. In the dubois area, a tourist strikes a deer three to four times every evening. But as long as its not a forest sevice raised and reintroduced sheep ... no one pays it much mind.

In the winter ppl in wy hunt coyotes by running over them with sleds. Never saw that anywhere else. I spent my summers building homes for extremely wealthy ppl. Whole years salary in 3 months.

Banjonewguy - Posted - 04/28/2023:  05:46:07

I drilled a whitetail deer doing 60 a year or so ago. Thankfully I bought a heavy duty bumper guard when I bought my truck. It cost me $1500 at the time and what it saved when I hit that deer paid for it over and over because it would have probably totaled my truck. There was zero damage where the deer hit the guard, the damage came from when it went under the guard and hit the bumper. Ended up with a $5500 insurance claim instead of replacing a truck that was worth much much more.

Edited by - Banjonewguy on 04/28/2023 05:47:09

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