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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Tucking picks under the strings

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christophoro - Posted - 02/10/2023:  07:49:06

Anyone do this to store their picks? I’ve been storing them like this for a while and haven’t noticed any issues. Alternating them through the strings locks the picks in place pretty nicely imo.

Edited by - christophoro on 02/10/2023 07:51:10


buckholler - Posted - 02/10/2023:  08:25:52

Not with the banjo but all my guitars have a pick tucked under the strings. I just use a pill bottle or small pick case to store my banjo picks.

Texasbanjo - Posted - 02/10/2023:  08:32:22

I also use a pill bottle for my picks. If you put your banjo in the case like that and close it down, doesn't it squash the picks and misshape them or is there enough padding to keep that from occurring?

Old Hickory - Posted - 02/10/2023:  08:53:46

When I was gigging on bass as far back as the '70s, there were a few songs on which I used a pick instead of my fingers. I used to keep a clown barf thumb pick on the strings at the peghead.

I've never stored picks this way on banjo. I keep my two favorite sets of picks and a Shubb capo in small zipper pouch from Steve's Packs in Jerusalem. Fits easily in a pocket. Or I toss it into the case for the banjo that's going to a jam or on a trip. I also keep extra picks, capos, truss rod tools and miscellaneous other tools in clear plastic snap-lid boxes in in the storage compartment of every case. I have five banjos now. That way, no matter which banjo I take where I'm going, if I forget my pick pouch I'll still have picks and a capo.

monstertone - Posted - 02/10/2023:  09:07:32

35mm film case.

TN Time - Posted - 02/10/2023:  09:19:45

A small leather coin purse.

Jbo1 - Posted - 02/10/2023:  09:44:05

monstertone "35mm film case"? Now you're just making up words.

christophoro - Posted - 02/10/2023:  10:05:39

I use a gator case and the picks don’t seem to squash anything when I transport them like this. But that case admittedly has a ton of extra room. I also have pouch for my backups. But mainly I started to do this for easy access to the picks.

LukeL - Posted - 02/10/2023:  10:24:10

The blue chip wooden box is what I use.

heavy5 - Posted - 02/10/2023:  12:08:55

Usually the top cover of a good hard case presses against the fingerboard there when closed so putting picks there would be asking for interference (a huge problem)

monstertone - Posted - 02/10/2023:  13:07:30


Originally posted by Jbo1

monstertone "35mm film case"? Now you're just making up words.

Old guys rule. smiley

Edited by - monstertone on 02/10/2023 13:11:28

RB3 - Posted - 02/10/2023:  14:16:47

The best solution is an old, 35 mm film cannister made of aluminum with an aluminum screw-on cap. I wish I had one!

Culloden - Posted - 02/10/2023:  17:22:39


Originally posted by Jbo1

monstertone "35mm film case"? Now you're just making up words.

No. He's just telling his age.

Paul R - Posted - 02/10/2023:  19:44:54

I have various tin cases, starting with three Sucrets* tins. They each hold fingerpicks, flat picks, and a slide. I've added Clawhammer mints tins and an Altoids tin, They're all the right size and secure. The lids are attached and swing open.

* I went looking for Sucrets and it seems they don't exist any more. Too bad - those are the best tins.

Ira Gitlin - Posted - 02/11/2023:  06:43:16

Watch pocket when wearing 5-pocket jeans.

Culloden - Posted - 02/11/2023:  07:32:40


Originally posted by Ira Gitlin

Watch pocket when wearing 5-pocket jeans.

I use my watch pockets for their intended purpose. That way, I get to show kids how we used to tell time before we had cell phones.

KCJones - Posted - 02/11/2023:  17:01:22

I keep mine in the center pocket of the case, along with the capo, tuner, wrench, mute, soft cloth, and extra set of strings.

monstertone - Posted - 02/14/2023:  14:12:44


Originally posted by RB3

The best solution is an old, 35 mm film cannister made of aluminum with an aluminum screw-on cap. I wish I had one!

Actually, I have two of those old aluminum film cases. One for each banjo. The screw on caps are easier to deal with. The plastic cases, however, are much stronger & don't get all beat up like the old aluminum cases.

RB-1 - Posted - 02/15/2023:  00:14:22


Originally posted by monstertone

35mm film case.

Great minds think alike!

But we do too, as it seems....wink

1935tb-11 - Posted - 02/16/2023:  06:24:23

small tube rose snuff can works well too

Oldtwanger - Posted - 02/16/2023:  06:59:48

Just disappears in my pocket.....

point - Posted - 02/24/2023:  15:06:20

I use a Altoids metal box. Fits in the case compartment.

Fathand - Posted - 02/24/2023:  20:23:26


Originally posted by RB3

The best solution is an old, 35 mm film cannister made of aluminum with an aluminum screw-on cap. I wish I had one!

I am a big fan of the black plastic ones with the gray snap on lid.

gcpicken - Posted - 02/26/2023:  07:15:42

I use a soft fabric bag like you might use for a small piece of jewelry. It doesn’t take up more space in my pocket than the picks themselves do, because it collapses around them.

Regardless of what I put them in, they have a devilish way of intertwining/entangling like a magician’s ring trick. I've spoken with them about this but they feign ignorance. I can usually get them separated within 15-20 minutes. :)

Edited by - gcpicken on 02/26/2023 07:20:40

banjoy - Posted - 02/26/2023:  07:42:02

35mm file case here too. Been using the same one for at least 20 years. I looked on eBay and these are available in bulk. I've considered grabbing some and re-packaging them for re-sale to fingerpickers. What a business opportunity LOL!! For old codgers and I resemble that.

gcpicken - Posted - 02/27/2023:  16:21:33

You can also use empty medicine bottles.

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