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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Rockn the ugly stick

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lookn0ver - Posted - 01/14/2023:  08:06:20

Just picked up having never touched one before

Edited by - lookn0ver on 01/14/2023 10:24:10

wrench13 - Posted - 01/14/2023:  08:26:02

FIshin' rods? Or banjo?

Will Frady - Posted - 01/14/2023:  08:42:26

Surly a banjo is not called an ugly stick .. is it ? What do I know? Kinda of funny if it is . Spent many a day with an ugly stick fishing rod though.

lookn0ver - Posted - 01/14/2023:  10:28:29

It’s complicated devil

Edited by - lookn0ver on 01/14/2023 10:29:06

TN Time - Posted - 01/14/2023:  12:56:18

Is Shakespeare making banjos now?


monstertone - Posted - 01/14/2023:  14:36:07

Questionable antique long neck 5-string banjo, mylar head with a pickup installed, being strummed w/ a flat pick. That is an insult to the Ugly Stick. Ha, ha. Oh, well.

lookn0ver - Posted - 01/15/2023:  03:29:55

Why are you saying these mean things to me mr monster? Strumming is still quite the rage for a few of us. Some famous ragtimers . You judged me on my borrowed instrument which you know nothing of its builder nor the builders associations… very cold of you but thankyou for telling me the err of my choice in style. There is actually “2” pickup locations on the head, I don’t use a pick and I wouldn’t call this a ugly stick if I didn’t have love for it and I’m sure I am not the only person and if so good , because it makes me an originator and not an imitator.

Edited by - lookn0ver on 01/15/2023 03:31:34

monstertone - Posted - 01/15/2023:  08:23:07

Sorry you took it personally. It was meant as a light hearted reference to the fishing rod.

Owen - Posted - 01/15/2023:  09:42:39

....and here I was expecting something about the "real" a.k.a. Newfie Ugly Stick:

Will Frady - Posted - 01/15/2023:  19:08:53

If I ever find myself at skipper Joes in New Foundland you can bet your bottom dollar I’m a getting somebody one of them .

Owen - Posted - 01/15/2023:  20:28:25

I've only ever been to Newfieland as a tourist [great week btw, hope to get back again someday].   However, one of my grandson's needed an idea (?) for a school "demonstrate and explain project" so I told him: "Newfie Ugly Stick."  Apparently it went over quite well.

lookn0ver - Posted - 01/22/2023:  05:07:10


Originally posted by monstertone

Sorry you took it personally. It was meant as a light hearted reference to the fishing rod.

I'm sorry myself friend. The sticky comment was "questionable antique"

it's a real Rettberg & Lange

 manufacturer plate and production stamp .

It was probably turned Electric when Mort Glosser was hanging with Merle Travis,  and Grandpa Jones.  They all 3 spent a week or two at Mort's "El'Banjo Rancho" in the Redlands. 

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