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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Am I Just Being Impatient?

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TN Time - Posted - 10/28/2022:  20:59:23

Last month I sent in two sets of Keith D-Tuners to Beacon Banjo to be cleaned and serviced. They advertise that this service takes from one to three weeks to be completed. It has been over four weeks and I have heard nothing. I paid for the service in advance. Is it because I sent in two sets and thus it will take twice as long or am I just being impatient, or are they just backed up with clean and service orders?

rbfour5 - Posted - 10/28/2022:  21:11:20

I would give Martin a call and inquire.

Old Hickory - Posted - 10/28/2022:  21:23:53

I just had mine done recently and they took over a month, possibly 5 or 6 weeks. I did send Martin a follow-up email at 4 weeks -- not to ask when they'd be done or to hurry up, but just to confirm he'd received them.  I didn't hear back from him. Then we were off traveling for over a week and they were waiting for me when I got home.  I then wrote him a thank-you note.

I have to say they work great. I had tried de-greasing and re-lubing them myself over the years and never did a good job. Mine are 50 years old and now working like new.

Bill H - Posted - 10/29/2022:  03:29:22

I cannot comment on the service provider you are using, but in my small business over the past two years we have had an unusually high number of calls and at the same time have been unable to hire any new staff. Our lead times have tripled. Every local business I know is facing the same issues--higher demand and staffing issues. Many local restaurants are closing several days out of the week due to staff shortages.

My dentist is so short staffed that they no longer answer the phone and dental hygiene appointments are running several months behind. At my hospital where I where I do quarterly bloodwork, the lab has a two hour wait rather than the usual ten-minute wait. Both small and large businesses are facing shortages of labor that are having a huge impact on customer service. I can't say if this is the case in your situation, but the world has changed radically in the past three years.

Old Hickory - Posted - 10/29/2022:  08:37:44


Originally posted by TN Time

. . . am I just being impatient, or are they just backed up with clean and service orders?

I think "they" is just Martin Keith. Perhaps also a son, other relative, or friend helping out, but I don't know. I don't think it's a business that can support a lot of people.

Anyway, I searched my emails and found the history of my recent order: I paid for the servicing the morning of Aug 18 and mailed the tuners the same day. They arrived Aug 20, according to USPS tracking.  Sept 21 (month later) I sent my follow-up email asking for confirmation he had them.  I was out-of-town Sept 25 to 28. The tuners were in the mail received while we were away. I don't remember the ship date on the label so today I have no idea what day they arrived.

So it would appear Martin had my tuners for five weeks at most (shipping on Sept 26 at the latest) and possibly just a day or two over one month.

Your order is right in line with my experience. I'm confident everyone eventually gets their tuners back -- working better than before.

Fortunately, I have several banjos so I was able to play the whole time.

TN Time - Posted - 10/29/2022:  09:05:10

I guess I am being a little too impatient. I also have several banjos so I am not hurting as to having a banjo to play. It's just that when I start a project, I don't like to have to wait around for parts, etc. I'm pretty sure they will arrive before too long based on the above comments. Thanks for all the response.

TN Time - Posted - 11/03/2022:  11:44:35

To answer my question which is the title of this thread, yes I was being impatient. I received an email from Martin today that says my tuners are complete and are on the way. Included in the email was a tracking number. Looking forward to receiving them.

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