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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Banjo cases Gator or Crossrock?

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Banannajo - Posted - 10/20/2022:  21:24:12

The Gator case is only 169 and is easy on the eyes, the Crossrock
is twice at much but claiming to be great to fly with.
What do you guys think? Does anyone have one or the other?

TN Time - Posted - 10/20/2022:  22:21:34

I have a Gator case and I really like it. I don't know anything about the Crossrock case.

geckoberry - Posted - 10/21/2022:  04:28:37

It won’t be safe to check your banjo in either of the cases. Whichever ones smaller will fit in more overheads, so that’s what I would go with.

heavythumb - Posted - 10/21/2022:  04:43:38

I have Crossrock, Guardian, and Calton fiberglass cases.  I would never let the airlines put, even the Calton case, in the cargo hole.  I even refused to take a flight when I couldn't carry on (I had a Recording King banjo with me this time).

If I needed a new case, for general use, I'd buy a Crossrock.  I have carried pre-war (WWII), Gibson flathead, banjos in the Crossrock case and felt very comfortable doing it.



Edited by - heavythumb on 10/21/2022 04:45:37

LukeL - Posted - 10/21/2022:  05:13:53

Crossrock makes several models so I’m not sure which you’re referring to, but if it’s the fiberglass one, it’s a really nice case and worth the money. Not sure it’s flight worthy but it’s probably a step above the gator. The gator hardshell case I had was very long and meant for archtop banjos. Several resonator banjos wouldn’t fit in it.

klgera - Posted - 10/21/2022:  06:22:19

The cross rock cases are nice , but if you going fly with it, you should have it as a carry on. I think it is too soft to be any kind of a flight case.
Also, if you are going to carry it any distance, be sure to get a case with a “soft” handle, you be much happier.
Btw, I know that Crossrock cases come in many colors, which is kinda nice, I have a yellow one and it is really stands out, sure easy to find.

Walker - Posted - 10/21/2022:  06:39:48

This case comes with the Bela banjo from Gold Tone. I've owned lots of banjo and cases over the years and this is by far my favorite.  Fairly light, very well balanced, and a great handle. Also straps for backpack or side carry.

Fathand - Posted - 10/21/2022:  07:25:08

I have a Tweed looking Crossrock case #CRW700BJTW , I bought it on Amazon a few years ago, 2018, for under $200 Cdn.

It is listed as 5 ply wood covered in vinyl? Doesn't feel like cloth covered plywood. Crossrock doesn't answer emails.

It seems tough as nails, doesn't scratch or chip easily, came with padded shoulder straps I'll never use. My only complaint is the handle position. It balances neck down rather than neck up

I will sell it for $4000 US with a Stelling  Golden Cross inside.

Owen - Posted - 10/21/2022:  07:59:22

Nikolai: "... fit in more overheads... ."

Do you mean the overhead above your seat, or the overhead above my seat?  cheeky

woodchips - Posted - 10/21/2022:  08:13:09

I owned a crossrock in the past. I had a pre war Gibson conversion in it at a job when it was hit by a forklift. The banjo didn’t even get out of tune. Two of the ribbets on one hinge broke but I put small bolts in and fixed it. I found it to be durable. I got it in yellow because it matched my bike.

Banannajo - Posted - 10/21/2022:  18:43:18

Thank you for the information. I plan on traveling with my banjo, so maybe I am looking at the wrong cases. The case I have has traveled through cargo hold many times and seems to be holding up. Yes it is scraped and scuffed up a bit, but my banjo has been protected. It was a cheap one I bought off of Amazon.
Now-a-days I can't see any airline allowing a banjo sized case in the over head. The last few times I've flown there was no room for even regular sized bags and many passengers had to have them checked.
So I guess I'll keep looking for a case flight worthy.

J.Albert - Posted - 10/22/2022:  11:25:54

The OP wrote:

"So I guess I'll keep looking for a case flight worthy."

That makes the answer very very easy.

You want one of Gary Price's fiberglass cases.

Nothing better, with the possible exception of an old Mark Leaf if you can find one (and are able to pick it up!)...

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