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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Bought a new banjo

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Banannajo - Posted - 10/16/2022:  20:35:54

The resonator on my Jameson broke. I love it so much I bought another Jameson. Unfortunately the new one sounded funny when I pressed the first fret under the nut. It twanged. After close inspection the strings were Extremely close to the fret board and would touch the higher fret. It also was impossible to tune. It would go from one extreme to the other and never find a place in the middle, no matter how slow or how much I moved the string. My banjo teacher said a higher bridge could solve the problem. Bought two new bridges, Nope. still sounded funny, still cannot find a tune. I am going to return it, but am contemplating keeping it just to have the resonator to put on the Jameson banjo I have, because I love that banjo.

Skip to tonight, I bought a Recording King. My teacher says I'm good enough for a better banjo. I'm hoping that when it arrives it has no issues. Keeping my fingers crossed. It's a Recording King Songster Resonator Banjo. Dark Brown.

I did not want to spend much more than I did, because I have selected two banjos I really want. Both are in the 4,000. range. So will have to wait at least a year or two. The first is the Huber Workhorse and the other is the Bishline Midnight Moon. Someday.... Until then I am excited to get my Recording King... Whoo Hooo.

Side note, I wonder why the Huber website does not have a recording of the Workhorse at play.

jdeluke137 - Posted - 10/16/2022:  20:42:08

Here’s a video from a while back of Steve Huber introducing the Workhorse.


phb - Posted - 10/17/2022:  00:40:45

Sounds like a setup problem on your Jameson, too flat a neck curve, probably. They can surely help you in the Setup forum. A bad setup (or just one not fitting your personal preferences and requirements) is not a problem of the banjo as such, the banjo is designed to be adjustable.

1935tb-11 - Posted - 10/17/2022:  06:38:03

the RK songster is quite a step up from your jameson banjo. most wil need tweeking to fit you and your style but it is a much higher quality banjo then you are playing now. the jamesons are what are refered too as bottle cap banjos. nothing wrong with them ,, they are a good beater or campside banjo..,but thats why they cost so much less. some sound good . but quality usually means better sound . i think you will be very pleased with the songster. one note is the songster has a brass hoop for a tone ring instead of the heavy flathead tone ring,,but that means its much easier on the back.

monstertone - Posted - 10/17/2022:  09:28:51

Sounds to me like the nut slots are cut too deep. Simple fix.

Banannajo - Posted - 10/17/2022:  15:55:22

The folks in the banjo set up and repair gave me plenty of suggestions. I did get the Truss Rod adjusted and know where I can take it to get the frets adjusted if need be. I'm so happy I get to keep it. Now that means I'll have three banjos! lol

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