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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Hey Eric, or could someone else jump in here please..

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banjoec - Posted - 09/09/2022:  05:26:23

I recently emailed Eric about using Tabledit. Eric sent a link to download the app.
I am running Windows 10 and the link only downloads a demo version. Then I get directed to a paying version for $60. I've tried many searches and have had other who are better with things like this help. It seems to be a Windows10 issue.
Any advise would be appreciated.
As a paying Hangout member is Tabledit free to use?
My renewal is coming due and it would be worth renewing if I could access some tabs.

banjoy - Posted - 09/09/2022:  05:37:46

I'm sure others will jump in here too, but if I understand what you are saying / asking...

As far as I am aware there is no connection between TablEdit and BanjoHangout. They're two different businesses.

TablEdit has two versions essentially, one a paid version which gives you the ability to create and edit your own tablature and standard music notation, without limits, with free upgrades forever.

Then, there is a free version called TefView, which allows you to open, read, and play any TablEdit file (files ending in .tef). So it's a free file viewer which sounds like all you're needing...?

Edited by - banjoy on 09/09/2022 05:39:03

banjoec - Posted - 09/09/2022:  05:45:15

Thank you Frank for the quick reply.
That is the same link that Eric sent. It does not allow me to view Tabledit tablature. It only installs a demo version.

banjoy - Posted - 09/09/2022:  05:52:31

Because you're clicking on the wrong link. The layout of that page it lands you on is confusing and stupid.

Look closely, you'll see two download links on that page. One is on the far-left menu which is where you'll clicking on. You'll see another download link on the inside frame which is specific to TefView. Click *that* link.

Try it again and you'll see what I'm talking about, but if you can't get there from here, here is the direct link

I think you'll agree the layout of that page, offering two different download links, is kinda stupid.

I hope this helps.

Texasbanjo - Posted - 09/09/2022:  06:55:38

Here's an URL to Tabledit's Tefview. This will allow you to download, play and print any .tef file and it is a free download.

If you like the free version, it is well worth it to purchase the full version so you can make your own tabs and aren't limited to 16 measures as you are in tefview (at least I think that's the limit, been a while since I've tried).

Go here:

banjoec - Posted - 09/09/2022:  09:55:31

Thank you for the replies.
I have attempted this link many time and this is the error message I receive.


Texasbanjo - Posted - 09/09/2022:  15:00:12


Originally posted by banjoec

Thank you for the replies.

I have attempted this link many time and this is the error message I receive.

Must be something on your end.  I just tried to download Tefview and had no problem at all.   I'm on a computer, but I know you can also download it on a tablet or cell phone.  Maybe someone with more technical savvy can help you with your problem.

OldNavyGuy - Posted - 09/09/2022:  16:04:54

After downloading the file "tefview.exe", right click on the file and select "Run as Administrator" to install it.

banjoec - Posted - 09/11/2022:  06:57:08

Thank you to everyone that jumped in.
Can't explain why but it is now working. A combination of your suggestions along with system restore and right clicking the downloaded tab to open in a new window is working.

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