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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Very Clean '61 Gibson RB-170 on FB marketplace, not mine, North Georgia

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35planar - Posted - 07/27/2022:  16:57:53

Hi, I have no connection to the banjo or seller. But I just wanted to point out a near mint 1961 Gibson RB-170 on facebook marketplace in Blue Ridge, Georgia in the mountains well north of Atlanta. The price is very reasonable for it being the first year and that clean. Someone put a 5 Star head and a geared 5th string tuner. I already play a '63, so I'm not getting it, but someone should.

Edited by - Texasbanjo on 07/28/2022 04:58:21


DH#52 - Posted - 07/27/2022:  18:08:09

I wonder why he calls it a 1939 pre-war Gibson.

TLG - Posted - 07/27/2022:  18:09:48

Listing says 1939 Pre-War ? yea
Nice but
is $1,200 a little high ?

35planar - Posted - 07/27/2022:  18:10:56

I wrote the person and let them know exactly what it was. Fortunately they changed the price and I think they'll change the description. They mentioned the don't play banjo and had no idea what it was.

Bill Rogers - Posted - 07/27/2022:  20:50:05

That’s a $700-750 banjo. Nothing wrong with it, but I’d take this Gold Tone Maple Mountain over the Gibson, even if it were realistically priced. The GT has a real tone ring

Edited by - Bill Rogers on 07/27/2022 20:52:18

Texasbanjo - Posted - 07/28/2022:  04:58:03

I'm moving this thread from Swap shop to Shopping. I don't find a classified ad for this banjo in our classifieds. Swap Shop can only be used for banjos on sale here at the Hangout.

Note: If I've missed the classified, someone let me know and I'll move the thread back.

Eric A - Posted - 07/28/2022:  05:18:06


Originally posted by Bill Rogers

That’s a $700-750 banjo. Nothing wrong with it, but I’d take this Gold Tone Maple Mountain over the Gibson, even if it were realistically priced. The GT has a real tone ring

Maybe a few years ago it was.   People seek out those ones with the thick rim and the arch top look.   Picker's Supply just sold one for $1400.

Alvin Conder - Posted - 07/28/2022:  05:31:42

Those early 170’s are highly under rated instruments. I have owned at least three over the years, still have one, a 1960, and each one was high quality and an excellent player. Versatile for both Frailing and finger style.

For some reason, traditional style players tend to shy away from these, someone told me once that they don’t “look right” for Old time music but I find them perfectly suited for the style amd I could care less about how an instrument looks, I care about how it sounds.

I dropped an 11” solid ring tone ring from off of an Pre WWII sub- Mastertone Gibson into the one I still have, and it sounds amazing.

At this point in the game, 1200 for a early issue that is all original seems to me to be a very fair price. I sold a 1961 a few years ago for 1100. Buyer was extremely happy.

Bob Buckingham - Posted - 07/28/2022:  07:36:53

It looks like an arch top, I found those real good for clawhammer. Not my favorite Gibson but not a bad banjo for someone looking for something at a fairly reasonable price.

mikehalloran - Posted - 07/28/2022:  11:28:25

This can be turned into a flat top with an 11" x 1/4" round rod from Stew-Mac

Five Star Round Rod Banjo Tone Ring

plus a medium or high crown head — probably has a low crown right now.

Just set the ring on top of the pot. The head will hold it in place. Best of both worlds.

I have no problem with that price in today's market (of course, you want to bargain if you can!). It may not be the vintage Gibson of your dreams but it is a vintage Gibson.



mikehalloran - Posted - 07/28/2022:  15:43:22

I've reached out to the guy. He has corrected the description.

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