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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Looking for oddball nuts for bracket hooks

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link: http://www.banjohangout.org/archive/383949

Ks_5-picker - Posted - 06/18/2022:  15:50:39

I got this Romanian made guitar banjo recently and it has some really mucky mouse nuts to tighten the head. I’ll try to post a picture.

I went to the local hardware store and they had no metric nuts to fit the thread.

It seems that Romania was in the Soviet state system back then so that probably means the threads aren’t anything standard. They are a very fine thread and I think I might be able to retread to a 6-32 thread if bracket nuts are available in that size

What do you think?

I could just buy new hooks but these are in good shape and they have a custom bend,as you can see. 

Edited by - Ks_5-picker on 06/18/2022 15:52:06

G Edward Porgie - Posted - 06/18/2022:  16:14:07

If some of these are missing, I doubt you'll find anything even close to a match. That would mean using new hooks and nuts and some custom bending. A jig could be made to do that.

First, though, take some of these to a hardware or home improvement store. Most those places have threaded bolt-like posts that a nut can be checked as to fit, or Threaded nuts that the hook can be checked with.

Although it's quite possible there are no matches, it's also possible there are. At least you may get a better idea about what you might look for.

Ks_5-picker - Posted - 06/18/2022:  17:21:47

Thank you George,I did just that this morning. They did have the little threaded posts as you suggested but nothing they had were a good fit.
Do you know if any bracket nuts are available with the 6-32 thread pitch? If so I think I could rethread these. New hooks might be the way I have to go if there’s no other way.

kww - Posted - 06/18/2022:  17:40:49

If it's a hair bigger than an 6-32 and a bit finer thread, it could be a 4BA thread. britishfasteners.com/4ba-stand...7285.html

Ks_5-picker - Posted - 06/18/2022:  18:25:50

Kevin,interesting, the picture shown appears to have a very coarse thread. I’d hate to order a whole set from UK unless I knew they’d fit.

kww - Posted - 06/18/2022:  18:46:50


Originally posted by Ks_5-picker

Kevin,interesting, the picture shown appears to have a very coarse thread. I’d hate to order a whole set from UK unless I knew they’d fit.


4BA is 38.5 TPI, 6.5 TPI finer than 6-32. Use a ruler, not a website picture, as your guide.

rmcdow - Posted - 06/19/2022:  03:18:25

I have a set of 30 of these I'll sell you if you can't find another solution. Do you have a micrometer or vernier you can measure the diameter of the hook, as that will help establish the thread size.

RB3 - Posted - 06/19/2022:  07:15:37

Have you measured the thread pitch and major diameter of the external thread?

kww - Posted - 06/19/2022:  12:05:02

While I do not understand how it came to be historically, a lot of banjo threads are Whitworth and BA.

Ks_5-picker - Posted - 06/19/2022:  13:13:31

I don’t have an extremely accurate way of measuring the thread pitch but I measured the thread length which is .7” then screwed the nut all the way on and it took 25 turns to take it off. That figures might close to 38 tpi,I’d guess.
The hook diameter is .13”
I’ll send Rives a message. Those hooks look like they might be my best option.

Ks_5-picker - Posted - 06/20/2022:  18:08:26

I found some M4 nuts at Ace hardware that fit very well. Now to locate some standout nuts with that pitch.

Helix - Posted - 06/20/2022:  21:07:27

The commies are metric

Oddball nuts? Quite a few here on the hangout

rmcdow - Posted - 06/22/2022:  14:47:27

Like this?

Ks_5-picker - Posted - 06/22/2022:  19:00:17


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