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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Yellow script on Black.

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Alpha - Posted - 06/12/2022:  16:05:17

Ever thought changing your yellow for a bright green ?

tdennis - Posted - 06/12/2022:  17:01:48

If you look into the science of reading & reading problems, you will find some theories that suggest that certain combinations of color contrasts between text & background can have beneficial, or negative consequences for the reader, such as fatigue, headache, & dyslexia.

I see many websites w/ preposterous color contrasts between text & background that make reading more difficult than it should be.  (I don't think color contrasts  should be chosen whimsically or artistically). 

What improvement do you think bright green would bring ?

Edited by - tdennis on 06/12/2022 17:05:38

Alpha - Posted - 06/13/2022:  01:42:12

Typography along with particular shades can and do depict favorably a webmasters artistic talent here.

As artistic high achiever I’m finding blandness very irksome on the Banjo hangout.










RioStat - Posted - 06/13/2022:  06:07:09

Oh...well, lets just change the whole website, because one person is "irked"

It's a banjo-oriented website, not a piece of artwork

KCJones - Posted - 06/13/2022:  06:45:18

The background, text color, and typeface for all web pages (and all other desktop applications) is a local setting, generally not dictated by the website unless the webmaster specifically locks the formatting.

When I view BHO, the background is black and the text is off-white.

Edited by - KCJones on 06/13/2022 06:56:43


Alpha - Posted - 06/14/2022:  10:55:18

See the source image


Later I'll try a text in same color..{ green text on black..Mmmmm-mm





















Alpha - Posted - 06/14/2022:  11:01:41

...also, on the BHO pages include several Banjo. gif's? Here is one..

See the source image

Owen - Posted - 06/15/2022:  13:58:47

I guess it's neither here nor there in the grand scheme, but how often/frequently I see yellow printing on a white background* amazes/confounds/?? me.    I put it in the same category as cut-out metal signage with moving/changing/non-contrasting background.  Ah well, c'est la vie, I suppose ... can't win 'em all.

* = and frequently it's not amateur/volunteer stuff.  crying

Alpha - Posted - 06/15/2022:  15:12:54

                                                                            Plain Text

                      All Forums / Banjo Hangout Web Site / Improvements and Suggestions / Yellow script on Black.


Alpha - Posted - 06/15/2022:  15:18:14

Image result for banjo .gif

Alpha - Posted - 06/15/2022:  15:42:58


I typed in Green then color changed to Yellow?

Edited by - Alpha on 06/15/2022 15:45:27

Alpha - Posted - 06/21/2022:  09:29:46


I type green remarkably green remained ?

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