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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Someone has been robbed

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mander - Posted - 05/29/2022:  18:01:32

Some person unknown to me, some how got a hold of my card information and went on a spending spree. I called it in. It'll all come off when the bank opens up on Tuesday. The total amount thus far is more than I earn in a day, but since I'm on the low end of things, that ain't saying much. I feel for the merchants who get left holding the bag. So far, Lyft drivers and Doordashers.

I can't figure out how these people get the information when everything is supposed to be encrypted. I didn't lose or even misplace my card. My card rarely leaves the house. I haven't bought anything on line in weeks. When I do buy something it is from known, trusted merchants. The closest I can come to pointing a finger is maybe when we had dinner out, the cute adorable waitress wrote the number down? I don't like thinking like that, but I honestly can't think of when else it might have happened. People swap numbers I suppose. I live in Oregon and the charges are all in California.

My boss recently chased a shoplifter two blocks before he abandoned his shopping cart. She retrieved over a thousand dollars of merchandise. It feels like an epidemic. Some days, we can't get our work done because we have to follow shoplifters instead.

rcc56 - Posted - 05/29/2022:  18:29:55

Ouch. Glad you caught it quickly.

I don't know how they get the card info.
I don't use a debit card, and almost never use my credit card for anything but mail order, and do that over the phone. So far, so good. Last year I had to order some parts from a supplier during lockdown and had to transmit my card info over the internet. I didn't like that.

Sometimes I think this country has gotten a lot looser than it was back when I was coming up.

STUD - Posted - 05/29/2022:  18:39:59

Any time you hand your card to someone you may be at risk...

Crooks havechip reader..
How the latter works idunno...

ChunoTheDog - Posted - 05/29/2022:  18:41:48

I got my card 'cloned' at one of those gas station vacuum things with the speedpass about two months ago.

It sucks, total PITA. Glad the credit card companies have fast ways of dealing with that.

Paul R - Posted - 05/29/2022:  18:44:28

We once got a $2500 restaurant bill for just the two of us. We had to get police incident numbers before the card people would touch it. What got them off their rear ends was when I said I certainly didn't hand write a $333 tip. Duh!

I liked it better before we had credit cards. With just cash, you knew your spending limits.

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