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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Ultimate Fighting Championship

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OM45GE - Posted - 05/28/2022:  03:38:22

I had ESPN2 on but muted while waiting for a show I was interested in. I noticed two remarkably fit young women absolutely beating the tar out of each other. Full kicks to the head, lots of punches connecting and quite a bit of blood. I found it very disturbing and shut it off. However, I know there are a lot of fans and wondered if any BHO members were among them. I would love to understand what the popularity is.

heavy5 - Posted - 05/28/2022:  04:16:53

I guess this entertainment has been popular for some since the Romans & will probably continue . I used to do some boxing @ the YMCA when a teen but certainly no blood & guts involved .

Edited by - heavy5 on 05/28/2022 04:18:51

Banjonewguy - Posted - 05/28/2022:  04:31:14

I think this is just the transition to the mainstream of what used to be an underground thing. Unlicensed fighting has been around forever and I think now the younger audience is what is bringing it forward. I work with two guys who do MMA fighting. Albeit not on a professional level, but they are engineers during the week and do their MMA thing on the weekends.

MMA seems to be a more disciplined version of the tough man competitions that were popular back in the 80's.

Michigan Lefty - Posted - 05/28/2022:  04:57:47

I've been watching UFC since the first event in 1993.
Mixed martial arts is the only sport I watch regularly.
It is appealing because the competitors are allowed to use a full spectrum of skills of including striking, grappling/wrestling, and submissions. Sports such as boxing, judo, kickboxing, jui jitsu, or wrestling (real wrestling, not the fake WWE nonsense) only allow the use of limited skills.
Different competitors have different areas of expertise resulting in more interesting fights.
Overall it's a lot more realistic and exciting to watch than boring one-dimensional combat sports like boxing.

STUD - Posted - 05/28/2022:  05:29:24

While I agree with the O.P.

Many folks like the dream of war n conflict..

Being superior or conquering...

The younger crowd seem to go for this kinda thing..

Older people mebee not as much..

Least that is how it was fer me..

The older I get the more I understand..

I do admit.. to being impressed at how ..built or strong n fit these competitor athletes are..

But that is as far as it goes with me..

Is it a Rocky kinda thing..?

I dunno..

Edited by - STUD on 05/28/2022 05:31:20

BanjoLink - Posted - 05/28/2022:  11:37:04

Believe it or not, it is probably less dangerous than boxing where boxers take a lot more punishment from gloved hands to the face and head where the brain is "joggled" time and time again. The abbreviated glove of MMA provides protection for the hand and it results in more cuts (and blood). A gash on the eyebrow or cheek, or chin is much less damaging than the brain continuously being scrambled. All of the competitors at each level are trained to protect themselves and the referees are quick to stop a fight when one of the competitors is in real danger. I'll only watch occasionally.

Please correct me if I am wrong!

Paul R - Posted - 05/28/2022:  18:34:49

I don't understand how people can put themselves in such jeopardy of repeated concussions.

At the retirement party for a colleague, her niece was present, a lovely young woman who shortly thereafter gave birth to twin babies. Her husband said that he did amateur MMA and had suffered concussions. It amazed me that someone with such an increased responsibility - and it was clear that he was super in love with his wife - would put his and his family's future in danger. With all the information out now, about the end result of concussions in sport, that someone would put himself in such a position just boggles the mind - and it is likely to boggle his, early and permanently.

I refuse to give even the tacit endorsement of watching it.

Edited by - Paul R on 05/28/2022 18:35:29

banjobrewer - Posted - 05/29/2022:  04:48:22

It’s competition like anything else. Football and womens soccer being up there in the same concussion level as MMA. So all sports have their risks.
I enjoy it and follow it but won’t pay the crazy PPV prices they ask. Usually YouTube the highlights the next day.
With all that said I wouldn’t want my sons doing it. I played football but steered my boys away from it the best I could. The most athletic men on the planet destroying their bodies for our entertainment is as old as time. No one is forcing them so I watch. Golf just doesn’t do it for me.

STUD - Posted - 05/29/2022:  05:49:03

I ..tend to think that..
Society's... do not mind ..War...
As long as ..thier side...Wins...

I ..mean after all...
The Losers ...deserved it...right..?

Juts look at the History books...
N..who wrote..them.....

OM45GE - Posted - 05/29/2022:  06:31:29

Thanks for all the thoughtful comments. I do admire the incredible fitness and bravery of the contestants (at least based on the few minutes I saw of the two women recently). However, like, Paul R I don’t enjoy watching people getting hurt for my entertainment - so I don’t.

banjobrewer - Posted - 05/29/2022:  11:03:47

First and foremost they do it because they love it. Our enjoyment comes as a neat side affect. But I do understand the turn off to some folks.

ChunoTheDog - Posted - 05/29/2022:  11:10:28

It's a very technically complex and physically demanding sport.

I can definitely see the appeal (and the big $$ behind it).

Boxing did everything they could to kill pro boxing the last 30 years, so MMA took it's place.

Edited by - ChunoTheDog on 05/29/2022 11:10:41

BanjoLink - Posted - 05/29/2022:  13:56:41


Originally posted by ChunoTheDog

It's a very technically complex and physically demanding sport.

I can definitely see the appeal (and the big $$ behind it).

Boxing did everything they could to kill pro boxing the last 30 years, so MMA took it's place.

You are right Chuno.  I used to enjoy boxing "the sweet science", but I got tired of having five champions in the same weight class and the top boxers avoiding anyone that might possibly beat them.  I liked boxing when the champion fought all comers and worried more about keeping their title by fighting tomato cans like today's fighters ...... or managers.

Banjfoot - Posted - 05/29/2022:  14:06:51

Used to watch it some years ago and also try to learn some of the self-defense techniques. (Brazilian jiu-jitsu and other things.) The original concept was to see what techniques/martial arts approaches are most effective. Interesting concept, in and of itself.

I have since lost interest in watching any of it.

It may have been better, had it not gone mainstream... There's just too much violence over the airwaves, generally speaking, no doubt in my mind. Likewise with boxing, action movies...etc. Football, too, maybe. And, frankly, a lot of modern music is also too violent (without making up for it, unlike in, say, Beethoven). Peace :]

Edited by - Banjfoot on 05/29/2022 14:10:12

RonR - Posted - 05/29/2022:  15:50:22

I put a roof on for a Latin kick boxing champ in her younger years. She was well spoken, attractive and friendly. I think a lot of men would be cautious about dating her.

jack crowder - Posted - 05/29/2022:  16:06:21

If someone wants to be a boxer, fighter, so be it. It's their choice. If their partner accepts that, so be it. It's their choice.

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