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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: George Washburn Improved 15110 style

Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link: http://www.banjohangout.org/archive/383286

StephG - Posted - 05/18/2022:  14:47:59

Hello all ! I just received this banjo and I think it's a good thing !!!! it had been sleeping in his case for a long time, I' m just excited to play on this instrument, I play some old banjos with nylon strings but it's my first banjo with a tone ring, this grade and with this type of tailpiece.

I read some about George Washburn improved banjos and it looks like the model 5100 on the Bill"s banjos website. Mine seems to be a latest version and seems to be original but the tailpiece looks like an Ode tailpiece ( more recent? ... I believe I have to remove the head to remove the tailpiecetriste , I will use it to cleanindécision

So I never seen this type of tone ring, it"s not the tone ring with spikes, it looks like a tubaphone with less holes, so...I never seen a tubaphone in real life froncer les sourcils

I would like to put nylon strings on it. Any advice and information are welcome.

Thanks a lot

....I try some photos smiley

Edited by - StephG on 05/18/2022 14:56:39


StephG - Posted - 05/18/2022:  15:01:00

... Other pictures in my profile

Edited by - StephG on 05/18/2022 15:03:56


StephG - Posted - 05/18/2022:  15:10:59


woodchips - Posted - 05/18/2022:  15:58:40

Boy that is one beautiful banjo. Really nice find. When you get it done, post some sound bites and songs being played on it. I would love to hear how it sounds.

mrphysics55 - Posted - 05/18/2022:  16:44:23


Gitfiddle Emporium - Posted - 05/18/2022:  16:56:20

These are the Lange-built Washburns - looks like its in lovely condition. The tonering is an odd one but it looks original to me. Yes, that is an Ode tailpiece and the armrest and tuners also look non-original.

Alvin Conder - Posted - 05/18/2022:  19:06:09

I have never seen one like it. Very beautiful. Very attractive inlay work and veneers.

With gut or nylon strings and the proper bridge, you will have yourself a top quality player. Enjoy it.

StephG - Posted - 05/19/2022:  00:18:05

Did somebody Knows the year ?

Mark Ralston - Posted - 05/19/2022:  03:40:42

Here's a write-up by Bill Destler: billsbanjos.com/washburn5100.htm

He describes his as an improved Model 5100 ca 1915, and his (like mine) has the metal rod tone ring suspended on spikes. I haven't see another Washburn with the type of tone ring in yours...... I wonder if that's a feature of the Model 5110 ?

JSB88 - Posted - 05/19/2022:  09:18:05

That is, as they say where I come from, well nice.

StephG - Posted - 05/19/2022:  09:19:06

The model is 15110, you can see it in the Hubert Pleijsier’s book ( Washburn prewar instrument styles) but I Know nothing about this tonering and about the year, maybe end of 20´s I suppose

esmic - Posted - 05/19/2022:  10:32:20

Patent 876430 is titled as being for a "Stringed Musical Instrument"- and describes a banjo with metal rod tone ring on spikes. It was filed March 25, 1907 and approved Jan 14, 1908. Applicant was W.D. Bohnenberger aka "Banjo" Bill Bowen, at that time a top 5 string classic player and teacher. A few years earlier and also later in his career, he partnered with Fred Van Eps.


Edited by - esmic on 05/19/2022 10:42:43

mikehalloran - Posted - 05/19/2022:  10:45:07

The 1960s/70s ODE tailpiece is interesting to see. You can probably find something more "age appropriate" and sell that one for a profit.

jbalch - Posted - 05/19/2022:  12:16:15

This is the Washburn "Improved" tone ring that I have more commonly seen.  Like others have described.

Edited by - jbalch on 05/19/2022 12:20:44

StephG - Posted - 05/22/2022:  03:58:02

Unknown tonering ?

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