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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: paul McCartney tickets

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1935tb-11 - Posted - 02/24/2022:  06:40:50

McCartney is coming to a local baseball stadium near me... and i am as big of a beatles fan as anyone ,,and i know its been a long time since i went to a big time concert but the ticket prices are shocking... starting at 175 for a grass bank spot as far away as you can get from the stage to 1750 for the best in front of the stage. i realize this is paul McCartney and he won't be able to do concerts much longer ,,but that is just unreal for me...

what do you beatles fans think ?

eagleisland - Posted - 02/24/2022:  07:11:24

Way too rich for my blood. And it's not The Beatles. It's Paul McCartney.

That's not a diss on his role in that band; he and the rest of them made a contribution to music very few other artists in history have made. Nor is it a diss on his output since The Beatles; some of it has been very good indeed (though IMO McCartney needed Lennon, and vice-versa; Lennon could roughen up McCartney's tendency for pablum and McCartney could throttle back some of Lennon's more outrageous ideas).

But that's just too damned much to pay for a concert starring a guy nearing the end of his career. Or any concert, for that matter. Heck, I think it would be too much if somehow Lennon and Harrison could be re-animated and graced with their former skills.

banjoy - Posted - 02/24/2022:  07:33:52

... and it's not just Paul McCartney. My one banjo student emailed me this morning a link to the upcoming Earl Scruggs Festival nearby ... and the cheapest ticket is $100 all the way up to $6000+ for a private camping tent with all the VIP perks. True, the festival is featuring lots of exceptional talent for the money, but Jesus Christ...

Maybe I'll email Paul my banjo version of Blackbird, I'll get in for free, VIP treatment, hob-knob with all the groupies, and take selfies from Mount Delusion. Yeah, that's the ticket! The only one I can afford!

250gibson - Posted - 02/24/2022:  07:52:23

Me being a Beatles fan and If I never have been to a Beatles concert or a former Beatles concert, I would go. You may not get another chance. I went to a McCartney show in 2015, and it was great. It was a hockey/basketball arena show and I think I paid around $100 for seats in the upper level. That being said, I don’t think I would pay close to $200 for a stadium show to see him again, however had I not gone in 2015 I would in a heartbeat, and Paul is my 3rd favorite Beatle.

wrench13 - Posted - 02/24/2022:  10:57:12

I am not paying $1750 a ticket, even if God was playing. Not even if the 12 Apostles were the backing band. Sheesh that's a ridiculous price.

Buddur - Posted - 03/01/2022:  15:43:39

Metallica tickets are similarly priced starting ~$250.

Corporate greed, imo.

mmuussiiccaall - Posted - 03/01/2022:  18:42:29

Hmm... cheap as chips!


banjoy - Posted - 03/14/2022:  04:18:37

John Oliver did an excellent 20 minute deep dive in last night's episode, taking on why concert tickets are so outrageous these days...

AndrewD - Posted - 03/20/2022:  04:35:21


Originally posted by banjoy

John Oliver did an excellent 20 minute deep dive in last night's episode, taking on why concert tickets are so outrageous these days...

Not available here. But I assume he said "They charge that because they can.". If you can fill a stadium at $1000 a ticket then why charge any less ? It's called 'capitalism'.

banjoy - Posted - 03/20/2022:  05:26:33


There are easy ways to view this video in the UK, you can google ways to do that if you're interested.

Essentially, the information imparted in that video shows how TickeMaster, among others, only make 7-10% of tickets available to the general public, the remainder are reserved for (horded by) re-sellers including TicketMaster's own re-selling service. Once tickets are in that secondary market the sky is the limit both in ticket prices and added fees. Some tickets reach as high as $2700 each when originally a fraction of that. The video also shows the opacity of these secondary markets to obscure (withhold) who you are buying the tickets from.

The video also describes how TicketMaster's merger with LiveNation (a venue management company) puts TicketMaster in control of ticket sales for about 80% of all venues in the United States, basically a monopoly ... and how this monopoly uses its power to threaten and punish venues which do not use TicketMaster.

Capitalism does include elements of underhanded tactics and public misinformation to obscure monopolies, and this video just brings all that to light, which I felt was in the spirit of the topic of this thread. So I posted it.

Interesting stuff, if you find that sort of thing interesting.

AndrewD - Posted - 03/20/2022:  07:53:13

Yes. I know all that. But how do you stop Paul Mcartney having a monopoly on the limited supply of Paul Mcartney ?
I never go to these big name big venue concerts because they're not fun. But with a limited supply the price will be what the richest are prepared to pay even without scalping.

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