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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Bacon ID help needed

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tmarion - Posted - 01/23/2022:  21:39:45

I'd really appreciate some help identifying this Bacon Banjo.  

I found some FF models that looked similar,however they had a star on the headstock.  I haven't found this exact match and cannot find the serial number.  

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated

Edited by - tmarion on 01/23/2022 21:42:01


Bill Rogers - Posted - 01/23/2022:  22:26:08

Bacon made dowelstick banjos. The pot looks like no Bacon I know of. More detailed pix would help.

deke46 - Posted - 01/23/2022:  22:40:13

I`ve not seen a Bacon rim with twenty hooks, a donut tone ring and a metal co-rod, the peghead shape is familiar but not Bacon. Looks like a Frankenbanjo to me !

OldFrets - Posted - 01/24/2022:  04:49:21

Let alone an adjustable truss rod.

Nic Pennsylvania - Posted - 01/24/2022:  04:50:31

This may be partially a Bacon. There's some damage to the rim below the rod which could have been from where someone got rid of the dowel. I've seen that once before.

The ring could be Bacon, and the Bacon logo is spot on. But if that's a Bacon headstock veneer, someone radically reshaped it.

There's a lot of questions here.

Edited by - Nic Pennsylvania on 01/24/2022 04:51:09

Nic Pennsylvania - Posted - 01/24/2022:  04:51:55


Originally posted by OldFrets

Let alone an adjustable truss rod.

It could just be a truss cover - for that look. But why?

RioStat - Posted - 01/24/2022:  06:52:59


Originally posted by Nic Pennsylvania


Originally posted by OldFrets

Let alone an adjustable truss rod.

It could just be a truss cover - for that look. But why?

3 screws on a truss rod cover, usually screams "Asian-made" 

TLG - Posted - 01/24/2022:  07:12:33

Might be a Bacon FF tonering, but that may be all there is of Bacon on it.

Bob Smakula - Posted - 01/24/2022:  07:18:42

It would be fun to do an autopsy on that banjo and figure out exactly what came from the Bacon Banjo Co. So far I can only thing I could confirm a Bacon product is the celluloid Bacon peghead inlay.

Bob Smakula

Nic Pennsylvania - Posted - 01/24/2022:  07:42:26


Originally posted by RioStat

3 screws on a truss rod cover, usually screams "Asian-made" 

For sure. I have come across at least a couple instruments where removing the truss rod cover  revealed nothing underneath. I wonder if someone put a cover on at some point for the sole sale of having one. 

Culloden - Posted - 01/24/2022:  07:42:36

I don't know that it has a Bacon inlay, Bob. I built a banjo with a B&D resonator a while back and had a Bacon water slide decal made for it. Anything is possible.


beezaboy - Posted - 01/24/2022:  10:44:30

FWIW I once bought a Bacon peghead veneer (don't ask me why??).
A scan is attached.
The "Bacon" script on this piece feels like some kind of decal.

Bill Rogers - Posted - 01/24/2022:  12:55:46

So what we have is a “Facon.”

laguna21dc - Posted - 01/24/2022:  18:22:12

It looks like a slingerland pot to me . they had donut tone rings on some of their better models.

Bill Rogers - Posted - 01/24/2022:  21:02:30

Slingerlands were almost all 10 3/4” inch pots, so check the head diameter.

tmarion - Posted - 01/25/2022:  07:47:11

Thanks for all of the responses.

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