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Banjo Lefty - Posted - 01/20/2022:  09:31:32

I don't know how many of my fellow hangouters have ever seen these, especially our southern neighbours, but we had two beauties this morning.  I tried to get a good photo, but it would have meant walking out to an open area in the bitter cold, so I just dug one up from the internet.  It looks very similar to what I saw this morning. however.  You need really cold air (it was minus 31 C at 9 AM) in order to form a thin ice fog, otherwise clear blue skies, and a morning sun still low in the sky.  Then you get this:


bubbalouie - Posted - 01/20/2022:  14:35:02

We had what I called smoke dogs last summer. Let the B.C, bud jokes begin! 

DC5 - Posted - 01/20/2022:  15:30:14

Never seen anything like it. That's really cool.

Brian T - Posted - 01/20/2022:  15:47:06

Many years back east on the prairies in Sask. I can feel that bitter cold, just looking at that picture.
My nose is already crinkled.

Owen - Posted - 01/20/2022:  16:20:42

.... and the bitter cold, possibly in conjunction with some illegal activity, claimed 4 lives near Emerson, MB overnite.

oly - Posted - 01/20/2022:  16:33:59

Here is one I caught a number of years ago. Outside at work

bubbalouie - Posted - 01/20/2022:  16:56:02

That's so sad Owen.

edited to add: Ha!Ha! Brian! Back east in Saskatchewan!!

Edited by - bubbalouie on 01/20/2022 16:59:44

Banjo Lefty - Posted - 01/20/2022:  16:58:01

The interesting thing is, they're alway precisely 22 radial degrees on either side, they're at their brightest around nine am, and they're gone by noon. Supposedly they mean more snow is on the way, but we'll see.

Owen - Posted - 01/20/2022:  17:17:25

I think I recall seeing 'em thru our west facing living room window.... i.e. +/- 2:30ish p.m.  So, naturally I checked with my wife:  "Oh, for sure."   My mammy used to say it meant cold weather is on the way...... so I guess what we've been having isn't "real" cold.

Brian T - Posted - 01/20/2022:  17:30:06

I know what cold is. We got a 20 day shot back in December.

I made no adjustment to my furnace thermostat. Dec 01 - Jan 14, I burned through $1,212.71.

I turned on a few little 1kW ceramic heaters only in the rooms that I commonly use.
For Nov & Dec, just about $260.00 worth of juice, 2X what I used same period last winter.

Brother gifted me an eBlanket back in November. On low, not a cold spot in the bed.

Jan.05, I got a stray Tabby cat that survived that cold, outdoors. Frostbitten ears and feet.
She's recovering in my place. Half of left ear gone, right ear crusty.
Foot pads shed, must be terribly tender right now. Settling in well, still staying in my bedroom.

bubbalouie - Posted - 01/20/2022:  17:40:15

It will mean a good year for fur traders in Winterpeg! 

Owen - Posted - 01/20/2022:  17:52:40

$1200.... ouch!! [actually more like OUCH!!]   MB Hydro supplies both our electricity and natural gas.   A couple of years ago we switched from elec. furnace to gas.  Despite our c-o-l-d weather lately the gas portion of our last bill wasn't unexpectedly high [and I've been spending more time in the shop, through the same meter, so that would account for some].    But, but, but .... the elec. portion of the bill for Dec. jumped to +$210 from $70 something the previous month.  About the only thing I can figure is that one might be estimated, and one actual, though I didn't notice that on the bill. 

And to show how exciting life here in beautiful west-central Man-ee-toe-bah is, I've noticed the kitty-corner neighbo(u)r's furnace has been operating about 1/3 of the time, whereas ours is 1/4 or less.  However, I do find his exhaust/smoke useful... I can gauge the wind by how it moves.   Livin' the dream!! wink

Edit: A decade+ back, the school janitor at Shamattawa had a smallish box  [8" cube?] of pine marten pelts that he was sending to the fur auction in Thompson.  I forget how many, but I asked what he expected to get.  "Oh, maybe $800."

Edited by - Owen on 01/20/2022 17:58:45

bubbalouie - Posted - 01/20/2022:  17:53:51

I have friends living in Alberta & they have indoor & outdoor cats. They always had one named Owl.

I swear it was so cold there that the cats started to grow shorter ears rather than having them freeze off!

Brian T - Posted - 01/20/2022:  18:01:23

Back in the December cold, somebody here got a good shot of sun dogs.
I'll say that more than 2/3 of the locals didn't know what they were looking at.
We just don't get that kind of crazy cold for so long and even then, it's often hazy/overcast.

Rumpuss (as I have named my frost-bitten cat) has really soft thick fur, like a double velour blanket.
Unless I fall off my perch first, Rumpuss will live the rest of her days indoors.

bubbalouie - Posted - 01/20/2022:  18:48:01

I have a cold weather Alberta story. My old friend lives on the prairie surrounded by oats & canola.

He could see his neighbors' house up the road a mile away. I pulled into my friends place with my camper van packed & ready for ice fishing at Chain lakes. He came out with a rifle & said we were going to the neighbour guys place. He had a badger in his basement!

On the way there he told me the guy was hiding smoking cigarettes from his wife by going to the downstairs bathroom. He hit the septic pump switch & the light switch on the way up the stairs!

The next time he went down the tub had overflowed with sewage!

The hazmat company cleaned it all up but there was a strong smell of cleaners so they told him to leave the door to outside open & run a fan. He fell asleep on the couch & a badger that was living outside in the minus thirty's thought it was a lot warmer in the basement!

We shooed it out & went fishing.




WVDreamin - Posted - 01/20/2022:  20:21:02

I saw some pretty solid bright sundogs this morning -12°F. Once in a great while I see them high in the sky in the fall, more rainbow looking than bright. That's always weird - warm on the ground, icy in the sky.

1935tb-11 - Posted - 01/21/2022:  09:15:27

never heard of them till this morning,, saw them on the news

Banjo Lefty - Posted - 01/22/2022:  08:47:23

Unfortunately the old saw was correct. The weather quickly deteriorated after the sun dogs faded out, and 8 more centimetres of fresh snow got dumped on us overnight.

Owen - Posted - 01/22/2022:  17:09:38

.... and a lunar halo:

maxmax - Posted - 01/23/2022:  00:15:12

This is very interesting to me! A few years ago I saw what must have been a Sun Dog, but never knew what it was until now! I took this picture of it.


CW Spook - Posted - 01/23/2022:  07:28:56

We get sun dogs frequently in this part of the world. They were especially brilliant coming home from morning Mass on Wednesday morning at 8 AM.

phillytim - Posted - 01/23/2022:  09:06:16

That's wild - almost makes the frigid temps worth it. Nothing like that in the mid-atlantic.

rinemb - Posted - 01/24/2022:  09:26:35

I have seen in the past that while out on jobs, but never really knew what I was looking at. brad

Elmo_Smiley - Posted - 01/31/2022:  16:54:25

Never seen anything like this, after leaving Rigel IV.

bubbalouie - Posted - 01/31/2022:  18:04:17

This is looking to the south. The Olympic mountains are in the distance. Washington state was on fire!

I don't know how to use all the features on my camera. This pic is just how it came out. 

Click for Large Version

July 5th  2015 It was pretty scary!

i do have some pics from last year when the province was burning. Of rainbow like sun dogs at sunset.

Makes me want to go out & rake up the woods! LOL! 

Like Sweden does!

Edited by - bubbalouie on 01/31/2022 18:07:55

Owen - Posted - 02/12/2022:  06:08:59

.... and a side of musical accompaniment [no banjo, so I suppose it qualifies under "not banjo related]:


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