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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Is Remo Taiwan Head Available in Medium Crown?

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Old Hickory - Posted - 01/18/2022:  15:05:36

Need a new head and was interested in trying a Remo Taiwan since they have a thicker coating and the crimp construction like my original favorite 5-Stars. Only place I can find selling them is Elderly and they list only high crown.

I'm pretty sure I need a medium on this particular flathead. Top of the tone ring to bottom of head notch in the neck is 3/4-inch exactly. Total height of a high crown head is almost 3/4-inch tall when you combine the height of flesh hoop and the 1/2-inch distance to the plane of the head.

So: Does anyone know who else sells Remo Taiwan heads and if they come in medium crown? I've Googled and can't find them.

I know there's a US Remo with extra coating and the epoxy pour channel. Banjo Ben Clark sells it. But it's out of stock.

If the Remo Taiwan doesn't turn up, I'm thinking of trying a Huber head. The failed/split head I'm replacing is an AMB. I've liked the sound of these. I'm using at least one other on a banjo. But here's an issue: I've only ever ordered high or medium crown heads. The AMB only comes in medium and high (according to their website). I measured the good side of this failed head and the crown height is just a hair over 3/8-inch (an amount to reflect years of stretching). That's Remo low-crown height. So now I'm concerned about quality control.

It could be that this not very old head split from being stretched more than a low crown is designed for.

Fortunately, I have other banjos to play. And no jams or gigs on the horizon. So I can wait to get the answer to the Taiwan head availability before ordering a Huber. Or giving AMB another try.

I tried a stock Remo on this banjo over 10 years ago and didn't like the sound.

Bob Smakula - Posted - 01/18/2022:  15:34:49

I looked up the crimped heads on the latest Remo banjo head price list and yes, they are still listed. The model number is BJ-1100-M1-EN.

All Remo banjo heads are listed as "Special Order". That may mean a many month wait before a crimped head order will arrive in Los Angeles.

I have never stocked the crimped heads, though Remo did send me some by mistake 10 years ago. I noticed that they were particularly heavy when putting them in to stock.

Check directly with Remo and ask if they can point you to a vendor that sells the crimped heads.

Good luck on the hunt.

Bob Smakula

Old Hickory - Posted - 01/18/2022:  20:55:37


Originally posted by Bob Smakula

Check directly with Remo and ask if they can point you to a vendor that sells the crimped heads.

Thanks for the suggestion, Bob.

I just took another look at thicker coating Remo at Banjo Ben's Warehouse (out of stock) and I believe it's the Taiwanese head. It's stamped "Banjo Head Only" which I've read appears only on the Taiwan head. It doesn't say Made in USA, which I think the US heads do. And the flesh hoop is reflective like metal, where the epoxy channel looks dull in photos.

I submitted my email address to be notified when it's in stock.

I know I said it's not urgent to replace, but I don't want this banjo to be headless for too long.

Might have to go ahead and order a Huber.


D.W.C. - Posted - 01/19/2022:  04:27:40

Ross Nickerson has what you need.

Old Hickory - Posted - 01/19/2022:  15:02:29

I didn't see either the Taiwan Remo or thicker frosted US Remo at

No problem. A Hangout member with a large stash of new and barely used heads came to my rescue with a great offer so I bought both a Taiwan Remo (crimp construction and thicker frosting) and Huber (epoxy channel, thicker frosting). Both measured at 7/16-inch, medium crown.  I'll use one and have a great spare.

Kurt Kemp - Posted - 01/20/2022:  03:51:11

Ross’s supplier is shipping the tai crimped ones. I just got 6 yesterday.

Bob Smakula - Posted - 01/20/2022:  05:48:53

After reviewing the latest Remo banjo head price list, I thought I would let everyone know which heads Remo is willing to import from Taiwan with crimped construction.

Diameters; 11" & 11-1/8"
Film type; Frosted top & Frosted bottom.
Crown height; High, medium, & low.

As I sell Recording King RKOH-05 "Dirty Thirties" openback banjos, I noticed that the heads that are OEM on that model are an 11" crimped low crown Fiberskyn. Definitely a head type that is only available to asian manufacturers.

Bob Smakula

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