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 ARCHIVED TOPIC: Mixed emotions...

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Bart Veerman - Posted - 12/29/2021:  18:27:57

Hi folks,

Check this out, it'll speak for itself:

Feels kinda strange now...

the-fish - Posted - 12/29/2021:  19:43:52

Good luck Bart

Feeling foolish as I’ve been meaning to order some more

I’ll have to see if elderly has any


Edited by - the-fish on 12/29/2021 19:44:12

JimHenry - Posted - 12/29/2021:  20:41:24

Bart, I've always read your writings in BHO with interest, often learning something. Your web site has been helpful as well. I hope you will continue to "hang out" here.

I always meant to experiment more with different bridges, but I have a couple of quite satisfactory banjos and have not gotten around to it. Sigh.

Anyway, best of luck in whatever comes next... bagpipe reeds? (Joking. I'm not at all sure they even have reeds.) I usually suggest banjo playing when one of my friends retires, but to my knowledge no one has taken my suggestion. But you don't need that anyway...

Thanks for your contributions to the world of banjos!

-- jim

jfkeebler - Posted - 12/29/2021:  22:05:33

I wish you well! Honored to have a little mystery wood on my dear Prucha right now…

lightgauge - Posted - 12/30/2021:  04:34:37

Congratulations and Thanks for all you contributed to our banjo hobby!

DC5 - Posted - 12/30/2021:  06:32:21

Thank you for all you've done Bart. Sorry that I will never be the proud owner of a Bart Bridge.

KCJones - Posted - 12/30/2021:  07:23:27

Sorry to hear, but best wishes on your next adventure! Glad to have a few of your bridges on my banjos, and just ordered 3 more from Elderly for future endeavors.

TopoG - Posted - 12/30/2021:  08:40:03

Good luck, Bart. Now's the time to kick back and enjoy Life. You earned it.


Joel Hooks - Posted - 12/30/2021:  09:52:10

Yes, do enjoy retirement! Now I have to find someone else to recommend to people looking to try and make nylon strings work on modern banjos.

Hopefully someone will step up and take on the custom bridge end as it was a valuable service.

dbrooks - Posted - 12/30/2021:  11:11:35

I will join the chorus of well-wishers, Bart. Your advice has been helpful to many. I think you must be a great listener to match your bridges to so many varied needs.


lucas73b - Posted - 12/30/2021:  12:10:16

Hello Bart. Greetings from Amsterdam (near the FEBO). Thanks a lot for the fine bridges you made for me, and your friendly way of handling matters. Enjoy life, and good luck with whatever you may be planning next.

Eric A - Posted - 12/30/2021:  14:10:00

Are you going to spill the beans on what the mystery wood is? I have a hunch, but I won't say. (I'm probably wrong anyway). Best to you, Bart.

35planar - Posted - 12/30/2021:  17:18:23

Your knowledge and craft have been an inspiration. Good luck to you! These great crossroads are some of the best experiences life has to offer.

Helix - Posted - 12/30/2021:  20:09:34

Bart, you encouraged me privately 12 years ago, so I can say the same now. "Cream rises to the top. Hang in there."

Edited by - Helix on 12/30/2021 20:12:26

mikehalloran - Posted - 12/30/2021:  20:16:20

So, thinking about retiring. Good luck with that.

According to my calendar, I did that a year ago last August. I've never been so busy in my life.

Seriously, I wish you well in your future endeavors.

Bart Veerman - Posted - 01/02/2022:  22:59:40

Thanks ever so much for the comments folks, I hugely appreciate them although they did make me wonder, did I make a mistake.....?

@JimHenry  funny thing about them bagpipes: when I was little my mom kept bugging me: your sister plays guitar, your brother plays the clarinet, what do you want to play???? She kept bugging me and bugging me and I just didn't want any part of that and, being fully aware of her hearing issues, I finally told her: I wanna play the bagpipes mom!" Her reply, "not in my house you don't!!!" She never asked me that question again devil

@Eric A: Hmmm, I do have my own suspicions too but here's the scoop: I once took a piece to a nearby exotic wood dealer and showed it to them. They asked, "where'd you get it?" True story: I got it from the "free firewood" pile right at the harbour here in town (Hamilton, Ontario). It's an international harbour so boats come in from all over the world - their scrap wood ends up that firewood pile. When I told them that, the fellow told me, "you find out what part of the world it came from, and then I might start guessing." One thing for sure: it definitely is not maple.

I don't mind admitting, it feels really weird to step into my unheated garage while looking at all that funky wood I still have and wondering, "now what do I do with that all???"

Thanks again for all your amazing support for all these years folks, it's truly been a privilege to have been an ever so tiny part of so many of your musical journeys!!!

lazyarcher - Posted - 01/03/2022:  07:31:16

Sorry to see you go Bart..not many Canuks in this business eh?
I retired from building the Beaver Banjo Bridges a number of years back. I took the millions of $$$ I made and bought my own island in the caribbean where I now lounge on my 180' yacht.
Hopefully you enjoy retirement also!!

desert rose - Posted - 01/08/2022:  21:38:52

Retiring is something I never thought I could do but my lifes circumstances have been kind and I afford it. Im cleaning out the shop as we speak. I will keep access to the factory and machines but just dont need a dedicated rent costing workshop I now own my wifes family farm house and have the space to work there.

I will probably start up exporting bridges again this year
And I still do consulting but no more international trips and weeks in China those were wild and I enjoyed every minut but not now

m06 - Posted - 01/09/2022:  01:13:26

It’s been a privilege to read your experience and accumulated knowledge of banjo bridges. When I was looking for a bridge for a tenor banjo the one you made for me brought that banjo to life and made it sing. You’ve contributed a huge amount to others enjoyment, time to think of yourself.

I hope you will continue to add your valued input to discussions here on the hangout along with the fun you’re going to have. All the best and a big thank you.

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